Theatre Titas and S.E.L. Productions present ‘SINONG MAG-AADJUST?’

Theatre in the new normal? Check out this online theatre production!

Theatre Titas wants to produce a show this 2020, but there’s a pandemic; so sino mag-aadjust? 

Theatre Titas and their hijos and hijas at S.E.L. Productions present SINONG MAG-AADJUST?, their first dive into the new medium of online theatre. It is a production that “can neither be placed under theatre nor film completely” (Juan Ekis). 

SINONG MAG-AADJUST? takes full advantage of the social media platform and brings three short plays devised specifically to be performed and seen on screen. 

STAGES is an examination of the duality of the grieving process from the eyes of both the bereaved and the deceased written by Mickey Martinez and Michael Fuentes. Cheese Mendez directs and Samantha Co serves as assistant director. Starring Denise Castillo and Rhenwyn Gabalonzo, the story revolves around James and his attempt at moving on from the death of his wife, Angel. He struggles to get through the different stages of grief. Will James complete his journey or will he get stuck in a never-ending cycle of sadness? 

PAKIRAMDAMAN is a video call rom-com gone wrong. Juan Ekis directs with Katherine Jose as assistant director and playwright. Starring Patty Villacorta, Samantha Tan, Luke Vicente, and Jom Villanueva, a seemingly mundane hangout takes a turn for the worse when, in an attempt to comfort a friend foolishly in love, three friends play a bad joke and try to summon the guy who “ghosted” her. The seance goes wrong and they are left with more than a broken heart to fix. 


PSYCHO 4 U is a comedy written by Ponce Mercado and directed by Luke Vicente. It takes us through a chikahan night with best friends Gabbie, Francesca, and Ellie, played by Kayla Natividad, Bea Areola, and Jubi Pelayo. The night gets more exciting as Ellie announces that she has a new boyfriend… or at least, that’s what we think she said? 

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SINONG MAG-AADJUST? will be available for streaming on the Theatre Titas Facebook page ( at 8pm on Saturday, December 26, 2020 and will be available to stream until Sunday, January 3, 2021. 

After their reimagining of the Bard’s Macbeth, THEATRE TITAS is taking a new step towards bringing theater straight to the screens of those who are homesick for the theatre. They stage a diverse selection of works: classical, new, and experimental. They also love to critique, discuss,

interpolate, and share their theatre experiences; usually over a glass of wine, a plate of sushi, two slices of cake each, and a lot of laughter. 

S.E.L. Productions was originally formed by a block of college students from the University of Asia and the Pacific for a final requirement for Theatre class. However, their love and appreciation for theatre grew, and now they want to inspire other college students to appreciate the art form even amidst the pandemic. S.E.L. Productions aims to showcase how the love for theatre is as contagious as it is important to one’s life. 

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