‘Rak of Aegis’ Returns to the Stage This July!

And they're holding casting calls for those who want to be a part of Villa Venezia!

Whether you're one of those who missed it during its past 6 seasons, or you just want to relive and see the production again, here's good news for you: Rak of Aegis is returning to the stage this July! 

Check out PETA's announcement on their Facebook page. 

Aside from the announcement of the production's new season, the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) also posted that they will be opening a casting call for those who can belt out "Sinta" and a version of "Basang Basa sa Ulan" that's 8 octaves higher than the original key. Auditions will also be open for the ensemble cast which will eventually make up the people of Villa Venezia. 

Rak of Aegis features songs by the popular 90s band Aegis, and tells the story of Aileen who uploads her videos on YouTube, with dreams of becoming viral and being discovered by the big names in the industry. Shallow as her dream may seem at first, it is later revealed that she wanted to do this to let the world know of her barangay's condition – submerged in flood for three months. 

The play made its first run almost four years ago and has since become one of the productions that presented breakthroughs for PETA, OPM, and Philippine theater in general. 


For updates and more information about the upcoming production, you may keep checking back on PETA's Facebook and website

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Homestream image taken from PETA's official website. 

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