This New Online Shopping App Sells Services Instead of Products

Ever heard of “Online Shopping for Services”?

Online shopping means a few taps and you’ll be able to get the items that you need delivered at your doorstep. Imagine doing the same for any kind of service that you need in just one app. Plumbing, check! Pet grooming, check! Oral prophylaxis, check! Tax Filing, check! Eyebrow Microblading, check! All these services and more are available in Serbees, your all-in-one service app.

The app seeks to revolutionize the exchange of services through one platform where everybody can easily offer and avail services of any kind, anywhere. The app cuts the time of searching and comparing service providers through a bidding process – where the providers will be vetted based on the prices that they offer, their profile and their availability to render service at the time and place required by the client.

Revolutionize Everyday Work

Serbees aspires to enable every Filipino to readily participate in the service market by giving them the opportunity to earn in every free time and skill that they have. An hour of dog walking every morning or a part-time gig of dishwashing at an event would help not only working students but even anyone who would want to make profitable use of their time. The app is opening a door of opportunities for our fellow Filipinos who want to get ahead in life which may eventually help end intergenerational poverty cycle.

What Separates Serbees from other Platforms

Serbees is a social enterprise founded on the idea of creating a more equitable service market. At present, a huge portion of the amount we pay for services do not really go to the individual laborer or service provider who works and toils, but to agents, agencies, middle-men or platforms that charge hefty commissions. Hence, unlike other platforms, Serbees has absolutely zero commission from bookings made through the Serbees Client app. Service providers will receive their hard-earned money in full.

How does the app work?

Clients will have access from the simplest to the most complex services within their locality. The most common booked services in the app are home-service pet grooming, massage, haircut, and home repairs like plumbing and aircon cleaning. Professional services and complex tasks such as accounting and interior designing can also be booked through the app. The booking process is as simple as these steps:


  1. Log into your Serbees Client app.
  2. Select the service you need.
  3. Fill out the requested info including the time, date, address, and additional details.
  4. Service providers will place their bids. Accept the most appropriate one who fits your needs.
  5. Confirm and chat with the service provider.
  6. The service provider arrives on time, delivers the agreed service and you delight in top quality service.

When booking, clients can see service provider reviews, rates and sample works to see if they are a good fit for their service request. They just need to click the provider’s photo to find out more info about them.

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For other queries and additional help, clients may reach out to our customer support team through these channels:

Email: customerservice

Mobile: +63 917 304 2337

Facebook: Serbees (

Currently, Serbees is operating in Metro Manila and selected cities in Laguna, Cavite, and Rizal. In the coming days, Serbees will expand to other major cities in the Philippines  to serve more of our kababayans.

Be Part of the Serbees Revolution

Despite the challenges many Filipinos go through during the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority continues to believe that they will achieve their biggest life goals in this lifetime. With an attitude like that, and an ambition like that of Serbees, sky’s the limit.  From this perspective, Serbees hopes that technology will be the starting point on how they can make a positive impact to the community. Support and download Serbees, your all-in-one service app.

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