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5 Interesting Ways the Internet is Helping Filipinos Win at Home

Powered by Care, leading internet provider Globe At Home celebrates all the small and big wins of every Filipino family.

While current circumstances have put many dreams on pause, it has not completely stopped Filipinos from moving forward. Powered by Care, leading internet provider Globe At Home celebrates all the small and big wins of every Filipino family.

How has the internet helped netizens thrive from the safety of their homes? Here are five fascinating circumstances from Globe At Home subscribers:

1. Opportunities to Earn at Home

During the pandemic, many turned to the internet, and most especially to social media, to look for ways to make extra. Some of the most common endeavours that this gave birth to range from baked goods and fresh produce to arts and crafts and even plants. From learning the tricks of the trade to sourcing materials and selling, the internet gives everyone the opportunity to earn from the safety of their homes.

Hannah, 39, a mother of two from Muntinlupa says, “Nabawasan yung income ng asawa ko dahil sa pandemic. Siyempre, I wanted to help him. Nag-aral ako gumawa ng cookies at milk tea sa YouTube and marami naman nasasarapan, tsaka mura. Currently, sa Facebook lang ako nagbebenta pero kumikita rin ng malaki-laki.”

2. New Skills for Everyday Use

In their quest to make better use of their extra time, netizens of every age have picked up a lot of skills that greatly improved every day life from the internet—from brewing barista-style coffee to DIY home improvement, and even urban gardening. “Sobrang hilig ko sa iced coffee at dahil sa internet, natutunan ko paano gumawa ng favorite coffee drinks ko. Ang saya isipin na hindi ako gumagastos ng P120 above para sa isang baso ng masarap na kape.”


3. Healthier Habits

Needless to say, the pandemic has made everyone more aware of the importance of caring for one’s body, including many lolos and lolas who are exerting more effort to be more active. “Ang focus ko ay to make sure na matatag ang katawan para malabanan yung virus habang hinihintay yung bakuna,” says John, 55, from Laguna.

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4. Creative Pursuits

Many of today’s youths have turned to doing creative work recently to let out steam and earn extra cash. Aside from photography and graphics design, many are also venturing into writing. “It started out with binge watching sa Viu, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime,” explains Noel, 22, from Quezon City. “Then I realized, parang kaya ko naman din magsulat ng ganito. So far, I’ve finished two short stories, which I have submitted to a production company na naghahanap ng new materials to turn into shows.”

5. Reaping the Rewards of Giving Back

Many of those who actively participate in outreach programs online can’t help but be astounded by the positive effects of altruism to their mental health. Mary, 32, from Mandaluyong who has been helping organize community pantries, shares,“One thing that has helped keep my mental health in check all this time is all the outreach programs I’ve been organizing. Masarap matulog na alam mong nakatulong ka. Salamat sa internet, I am able to reach out to people who can lend a helping hand.”

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And if you switch now, you can enjoy a 50% discount on the first 6 months of your new subscription. And it comes with all the freebies mentioned above (exclusive promo for non-Globe At Home and Bayan subscribers).

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