Love Trivia Games? Try Your Luck with Local App ‘Paydro Live’ and Win Cash Every Week

Get a chance to win as much as P50,000 when you play!

In case you didn't know, there's a new live trivia game show app called Paydro Live (iOS | Android). No worries, you're not that late to the party yet as it's still on its beta stage and I, too, have learned about the app just a few weeks ago.

You can win as much as P50,000 in one game just by answering multiple choice questions correctly. Yes, we're talking about real money here! The regular show schedule is every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 12:30pm, based on their website. However, there are also shows out of their regular schedule which the app will notify you about so you wouldn't miss it. 

A live show can last from ten to twenty minutes. Watch a sample live game below:

Questions are a mix of pop culture, current events or just about anything you can ever think about and you only have 10 seconds to answer it correctly or you get eliminated from the game. Don't fret! If you get a question wrong or don't answer in time, you can use your puso so you can still keep playing after being eliminated. Note that you can only use one puso per game and only for the first question up to the question before the last one. Use my referral code: @nadinenoms to get yourself one puso! 

According to their website, cash prizes can be cashed out using the Paydro app through Western Union branches nationwide or through your bank account. You will need a minimum prize balance of P500 in your account to cash out but only via Western Union since it's a third party service. 

What's next for Paydro Live, you ask? While it was just launched last month and still on its beta stage, they will be giving out 1 million pesos when they reach 100,000 players in a single game. So what are you waiting for? Better download that app and make sure to tell your friends about it! 

Like Paydro Live on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Instagram to know when the next game is! 


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