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This Smart TV is a Superpowered Home Theater (That Brings Your Family Closer During Pandemic)

When staying home now also means staying safe, we have a chance to make more meaningful moments with the family. With the new HUAWEI Vision S leveling up your TV viewing experience, these moments are only a few taps away.

The pandemic has truly altered our way of life, whereas the activities we so enjoyed outdoors are now deemed risky for our health. But we also have the chance to make the most of it, by creating special moments at home with the people we love.

And when it comes to living such moments at home, there’s one place where we could always come together and bond– the living room; and at its heart, the TV. Given the television’s role in bringing the family together, it really is important that we invest on the perfect TV.

Enter the HUAWEI Vision S, the newest home device that isn’t just a smart TV, but a Future TV! Not only does this TV give you a home theater that’s already packed with video content and other entertainment features such as a home karaoke, it also levels up your work from home and learning setup by allowing you to attend Zoom meetings through the TV itself! And by using  the MeeTime feature for your video calls with friends and family, everyday connections are even stronger.

Going Beyond TV with MeeTime & More

With the HUAWEI Vision S, the family won’t just enjoy an immersive home theater experience, its super-smart functions will also empower your productivity, as well as the connectivity between you and your loved ones. Equipped with the MeeTime feature and its own detachable camera, the HUAWEI Vision S is the first TV that allows you to make video calls on its stunning display!

The Vision is powered with Huawei’s HarmonyOS operating system, which supports this nifty feature and more for a seamless interconnectivity between people and the devices in your smart ecosystem.


With this Future TV’s MeeTime feature, you can enjoy pristine 1080p video calls, making those virtual moments with friends and family even more intimate. Plus, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues because the TV already comes with its own 13MP Magnetic Detachable Camera that can be adjusted all the way to 180 degrees!

Thanks to the HUAWEI Vision Home app, both Huawei and non-Huawei Android smartphones running on Android 8.0 or later can connect to the TV’s MeeTime.

Want to start a call right now? Or maybe go watch a film? Just say the words: “Hey Celia!” The Vision’s AI Voice Assistant gives you the luxury to control the TV through voice commands. Its 6Mic far-field AI voice pickup can accurately recognize voices within a radius of 5 meters.

With the AI Speaker, you can also turn the TV into a smart speaker when its screen is off, allowing you to play your favorite music while you’re busy or the family is bonding over a board game.

The touch remote that comes with this TV also has an NFC tag for a more accessible connectivity with your Huawei devices. With its One-Hop Projection feature, Huawei phones simply need a tap on the NFC tag to project videos and photos from your phone to your TV. For those who get skittish sharing their phone screens for everyone to see, the Vision also eases these worries by keeping notifications and call alerts to the phone and not on the large screen.

This feature is also accessible for smartphones with the HUAWEI Vision app. Iphones can also use the One-Hop Projection feature through third-party projection apps.

Meanwhile, the Huawei Share also allows flash transfer for your photos, videos, music, and even applications from your phone straight to the Huawei Vision S. You can even set your favorite captured moments as a screensaver for a truly personalized experience.

With the power of the HarmonyOS and its versatile and all-scenario intelligence, it really allows for a stronger connection between people and a more efficient cross-device collaboration within and outside your home.

An eye-popping smart home centerpiece

Now let’s delve deeper into the TV’s amazing specs that will make your smart home theater really shine!

The HUAWEI Vision S comes in 55-inch and 65-inch variants, with an almost bezel-free design that offers a 94% screen-to-body ratio, meaning the bezels only take up a minuscule amount of 6% on the front of the TV. The sleek, minimalist style of the HUAWEI Vision S also makes sure that the screen really pops, as if suspended in mid-air, to make your viewing truly immersive!

But beauty is really in the details for this Future TV. It has a stunning 4K UHD screen to give you a clear and crisp display, and a 120Hz refresh rate to ensure that the smoothness of motions is on par with today’s highest standards. Plus, the TV’s smart MEMC boosts any footage with a low FPS by intelligently filling in the frames so it will also have fluid motions and lively transitions.

You also do not have to worry too much about your family’s eye health when having a movie marathon or binging an entire season of a show. This TV has TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light and TÜV Rheinland Flicker-free eye care certifications to assure you that the Vision protects your vision while you’re enjoying that immersive viewing.

Stellar Huawei Sound

A great display must come with great sound, and the HUAWEI Vision S delivers. The Vision is equipped with four 10W speakers and a 1L large sound cavity that produces clear high-frequency sounds, a balanced mid-range audio, and a powerful bass.

But we’re talking about the Future TV here, so to take your smart TV up a notch, the Vision is also equipped with the cutting-edge sound technology of the Huawei Histen algorithm. Expect a truly immersive surround sound that keeps its quality crisp under different volume levels, and a human voice enhancement feature which identifies and enhances human voices to ensure that you can hear dialogues clearly even during the most explosive scenes.

Topnotch entertainment

When it comes to home entertainment, expect the Vision S to really go beyond your TV expectations!

You can easily access your favorite streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and more through the OTT Box that comes for free with the TV.

Not only that, the Vision also gives the family more ways to enjoy its splendid display and impressive audio. For one, it has a Karaoke app so you could fill the living room with life through music! If you order now, Huawei will also throw in free wireless microphones so you can make the most of that sing-along with the fam!

Besides playing with your favorite consoles, the HUAWEI Vision S also levels up your mobile play with Distributed Gaming where the TV becomes your monitor, and your handheld device a controller! Unlike traditional projection solutions, the HarmonyOS gives you the advantage of having a clear display with low latency and a fully utilized gyroscope from your phone.

The Vision also comes with pre-installed apps such as Wish FM, Konsulta MD, Weather PH, Basketball Slam, and more.

For more of your favorite apps, just download them from the App Gallery. You can also use the Petal Search Widget, Huawei Share, or through external sources via a USB flash drive or the OTT Box. Almost all OTT Boxes, including the Apple TV Box, are compatible with the HUAWEI Vision S via HDMI.

Availability, prices, & freebies!

Moments at home with the family are really made more special with the HUAWEI Vision S. It brings you awe-inspiring cinematic spectacles, a seamless AI life with interconnectivity at its heart, and extra features that simply go beyond TV! Order now and you can soon gather the family in front of this dazzling smart home centerpiece that doubles as the star of your own home theater!

Pricing details are as follows:

55-inch HUAWEI Vision S:
P36,999 (SRP) / P32,999 (Cash/Straight)
65-inch HUAWEI Vision S:
P56,999 (SRP) / P49,999 (Cash/Straight)

The HUAWEI Vision S is now available for consumers! From May 21 to 31, the 55-inch Vision S comes with one (1) Wireless Microphone for FREE, while the 65-inch Vision S will come with two (2) Wireless Microphones for FREE. All purchases of the HUAWEI Vision S will also come with a FREE OTT Box worth P3,999 until September 30.

Have a hassle-free purchase experience with the Huawei Easy Buy! Reserve online, purchase it offline, and have the HUAWEI Vision S delivered straight to your home! First, just fill out this form and wait for their call; once confirmed, head to their offline store where you ordered the Vision, and complete your payment. Until May 31, Huawei will deliver the TV to your door for FREE! Customers can also enjoy in-store installments for up to 6 months.

The HUAWEI Vision S is also available in all Huawei concept stores, as well as appliances stores such as Abensons and AllHomes. You can also purchase it online through the Huawei Store, Abenson, Lazada, and Shopee.

But wait, there’s more! Join Huawei’s ongoing #MakeATVCall contest and you just might be one of the THREE WINNERS of the HUAWEI Vision S or nine HUAWEI Freebuds 4i! Just visit one of their participating Huawei Concept Stores, have a photo with the HUAWEI Vision S, post it on Facebook with the hashtags #HUAWEIVisionPH and #MakeATVCall, and send them a screenshot! Click here for more details about this promo.

Learn more about the HUAWEI Vision S on the Huawei website.

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