7 Must-Have Smartphone Apps for the New You This 2021

Here are apps to achieve your goals for the upcoming year!

As we approach another year, this is again the best time to reflect on the things we’ve accomplished in the past year, and what we hope to accomplish moving forward. New Year, new you! Right?

Of course, breaking bad habits and making good ones are not always that easy. This is why we might need some help in our personal mission to become better versions of ourselves. Luckily, we have technology to aid us in this endeavor! Check out some apps below that could help you reach your goals this 2021.

Forest: Stay Focused

Available on iOS (P99) and Android (Free)

Now that we’re mostly doing our activities and even work, safely at home, the ability to focus has become more crucial. This is why a focus app with a Pomodoro feature would surely be helpful.

Forest makes your focus even more rewarding because not only do you get your work done, you’ll also get to raise trees virtually and in reality! Whenever you’re able to focus in an allotted time, your virtual forest gets a new tree and in the Pro version, you can actually help plant real trees through their partnership with Trees for the Future.

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Available on iOS and Android (Free with in-app purchases)

Before they become big accomplishments, they must begin as little plans you must do on your day-to-day life. While making yourself a daily schedule might feel a bit limiting at times, it will surely pay off with the self-discipline you’ve developed and the less time that you’ve wasted.

Todoist is a to-do list app that will help you jot down and organize the things you need to do the moment it pops into your head. Besides giving you reminders through your smart devices, you can also collaborate with other users for bigger projects. Despite its simplicity, Todoist can really help you line things up for better productivity.

Images: Todoist on Play Store

Money Manager

Available on iOS and Android (Free with in-app purchases)

It is always fulfilling whenever we spend our hard-earned money on the things we want for ourselves and for our loved ones. Still, we want to be wise when spending our money so we could also invest in things that would last in the long run, especially now that our economy is still trying to recover from the adverse effects of the ongoing pandemic.

Money Manager helps you track your expenses and income in one app. You can make multiple wallets and accounts so you could easily trace the money that you have in cash, the money in your bank, and those in your digital wallets such as GCash, Paymaya, Lazada, and Shopee. It also presents your expenditures in pie charts so you’d know how much of it went to food, clothes, and other things you might spend your money on.

Images: Money Manager on Play Store

30 Day Fitness at Home

Available on iOS and Android (Free with in-app purchases)

A very common New Year’s resolution is that one will start exercising more often. Whether the goal is to get slimmer or to gain some muscles, keeping ourselves physically active is surely a good thing especially now that we need to stay healthy.

Since many of us are still wary of going to places like the gym because of the pandemic, it is a good idea if we bring home our regular exercises. The 30 Day Fitness at Home app offers you a daily lineup of exercises that will help you achieve your fitness goals. And because it is specifically for those who workout at home, you can do the routines without any equipment while being coached by the app.

Images: 30 Day Fitness Challenge on Play Store


Available on iOS and Android (Free with in-app purchases)

The year 2020 has been a challenging one, but getting past it does not mean we won’t be facing hardships this coming year. It is important that even with the troubles we’ll have to face in our lives, we can still find our inner peace.

Calm is an app for meditation and sleep. It offers the users breathing exercises, relaxing music, soothing nature sounds for your yoga, stories that could lull you to sleep, and more! Check out more meditation apps here.

Image: Calm on the Play Store


Available on iOS and Android (Free)

Why stop with a calmer mind? Let us also keep our minds sharp by setting a goal on how many books we could read this coming year. From self-help books to wondrous fiction to titles that would help us grow in our chosen careers, flipping through pages can surely do wonders for the better versions of ourselves.

Goodreads is a handy app for those planning to rediscover their love for reading this 2021. Through the app, you can be part of their massive reading community– discover the latest books out there, read and share book reviews, get the top recommendations from each genre, and track your reading progress! So if you wanna get reading this year, Goodreads is the app to check out.

Image: Goodreads on the Play Store

Mindset: Daily Motivation

Available on iOS and Play Store (Free with in-app purchases)

We know what our plans are, we know what steps to take, but sometimes the biggest hindrance from actually doing it is our fading grit. One way to stay on track is to keep fueling ourselves with motivation until we reach our goals.

Mindset is an app full of motivational speeches from inspiring people, be it motivational speakers, acclaimed celebrities, well-known athletes, or successful businessmen. Whenever you feel like giving up when you need to push yourself further, these people’s words of wisdom might just be what you need to overcome the obstacles in front of you.

Images: Mindset on Play Store

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