ClipDrop Lets You Drag & Drop Real Items Straight to the Digital World

This technology may change the way we make visual designs!

ClipDrop, an app that revolutionizes copy-and-paste is now out for the public to try!

This app uses AR where you can take photos of objects around you and quickly import them to your documents with a transparent background. Check out the beta demo below:

“The quickest way to extract anything around you (object, people, drawings, text, etc.) and paste the result directly on your computer screen,” says its description on the App Store.

According to the app co-creator Cyril Diagne, it works on most applications and websites including Photoshop, Figma, Canva, Powerpoint, Google Docs, and more.

You just have to install it on your phone and the desktop computer you will be sending the file to, start capturing with the app, and send it right away to your desktop screen! It is that simple.

On your first download, you get five photo clips for free. If you see yourself using the app more often, they offer a subscription of $39.99 (around P1,930) for a year. However, do remember that it is currently on its beta stage so you can still expect some bugs.

Download it now on your computer and on your Android or iOS device.

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