Bolt28 Communications Rises, to Give E-Sports a Game-Changing Thrust

The new agency emphasizes on the important connection between sports and technology.

Do you want to be an eSports athlete?

At this day and age, more and more people are being educated with the fact that gaming on digital platforms isn’t limited to mere entertainment anymore. Now, we have what is called eSports, where we recognize that there are professional video game players out there who could compete in huge organized competitions from the national to the international level.

In fact, Southeast Asia has the fastest growing eSports audience projected to expand to over 31.9 million as of 2019. In the last SEA Games held in the country, our fellow Filipinos won gold medals for acing the games Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Dota 2, and StarCraft II against other Southeast Asian countries. It is undoubtedly a bright future that awaits e-sports, and this is what brings Bolt28 Communications into frame.

Photo: Bolt28 Communications Facebook page

Bolt28 Communications is a newly established Regional Sports Marketing Agency that encourages everyone to “Be a Game Changer”. It aims to support not only traditional sports but also e-sports, as they believe that technology now plays a big role in the world of sports. With this in mind, Bolt28 is here to support the thriving e-sports scene by developing strong grassroots programs and competitions to help the industry grow.

During their official media launch last February 24, founders Tricia Canilao and Laurence Mossman introduced us to Bolt28, and its very first brand ambassador, journalist & TV personality James Deakin.

Co-founders Laurence Mossman and Tricia Canilao with brand ambassador James Deakin.


Bolt28 Sim Racing Competition

During the launch, Deakin showed us a demo of Sim racing, which is not really unfamiliar to Filipinos, because most of us have been playing those in arcades growing up. This is the eSport that will be the highlight of Bolt28’s first event, the Bolt28 Sim Racing Competition which is a 5-day event to be held at the SM City Clark, Event Space 3 this April 20 to 26.

The space will be transformed into an eSport arena where enthusiasts, professionals, and gamers will compete with each other through sim racing. The public could also tap into their sim racing potential on the consoles free for the spectators’ use.

This competition is just to kick off Bolt28’s lineup of events which will all reflect the agency’s mission. As founder Tricia Canilao put it, “Bolt28 Communications is not just a digital agency, but it’s an agency that will show you that normal activations need the support of a digital platform, if not even strongly, strongly driven by it.”


For more information, check out the official Facebook page of Bolt28 Communications.


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