How to Change Instagram Icon for iPhone and Android

Here’s How to Change the Instagram Icon on Your iPhone & Android Devices

Here's a fun way to personalize the Instagram app on your homescreen!

Instagram is celebrating their 10th birthday with an icon change option at your fingertips!

For the whole month of October 2020, you can change the app icon of Instagram. You can choose from 13 different logos, including icons from its former versions as well as the current icon with different color schemes.

Here’s how you can do this icon change from your iOS and Android smartphones.

Go to the App Store or Play Store to make sure you have the latest version of the app.

Go to the app, click the Hamburger menu icon.

Go to Settings.

Pull down the Settings menu until you see a leading line of emojis.

Once you reach the top, you’ll be directed to the menu of icons. Simply choose your desired icon and you’re done!

Note: In our experience, iOS will simply change the icon of the app. Meanwhile, Android devices will create a shortcut of the app with the icon you selected. This means the real icon and your chosen icon may both be visible on your homescreen.

Icon changing has also been a recent fuss for iPhone users when the iOS 14 update rolled out. Along with the widgets, users also enjoyed customizing the homescreens of their phones by changing the icons of their apps. Canva makes such quest simpler with their free icon packs.

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