Work From Home: 12 Ways to Earn Money Online

It's time to explore more opportunities online!

With the limitless possibilities that the internet has to offer, more and more individuals are finding job opportunities online, with the most skilled and determined making the most of it and getting decent pay without even leaving their homes.

With our current situation that is the COVID-19 pandemic and the enhanced community quarantine, you've probably started wondering how you can earn like these people do. Well, we are here to give you some of the answers. Whether you are planning to make the transition to a full-time freelancer, or is looking for some way to score extra cash on your free time, here are 12 ways to earn money online!


1. Answering surveys

Yes, one can earn some extra cash simply by answering surveys online. Paid survey sites are put up to help companies know their target market better through statistical surveys which you and other participants will be answering as representatives of the consumers.

Payments vary from site to site and will depend on the length of the survey. Let's just say the pay is enough for the amount of effort you spent, so this is an ideal path for people who just want to earn some extra cash on the side with the hour or two that they can spare everyday.


Site to check out: Triaba Philippines

2. Writing & blogging

One of the more popular ways of earning online is writing. There are limitless possibilities for those who can write articles and stories, as long as other people would read it online.

You can try and apply as a contributor to existing websites, join freelancing sites online, or even start your own blog or website with your own curated content. The last one of course, requires more effort, research, and poses more competition online. So if you're just getting started, your best bet is to try out your skills with websites that bring clients and freelancers together, and get paid with every work that you do.

Site to check out: Upwork

3. Designing & Illustrating

The internet is an endless sea of content, and if you have the skills in graphic design and illustration, then your services will surely be sought out by many. To get you prepped up, it's a good idea to start by building your presence online. You can make an online portfolio or curate your works on social media so it can reach more audiences and it'll be easier to pull out samples if a potential clients asks you to. You can then grow your network of clients to keep the work coming in.

Besides getting commissions from clients, you can also upload your works as stock images on websites and earn with every download.

Sites to check out: Behance (online portfolio), Upwork, 99designs

4. Freelance Video Editing & Animation

Video editing is also an in-demand service online, especially with the rise of vlogging and other streamable content. Just as with graphic design and illustration, you can start with finding clients online through helpful freelancing websites.

Site to check out: Upwork

5. Online selling

Online selling is one of the things that come to mind when it's about earning money online. The first thing to come up with is what you are going to sell. It's either something buyers won't easily find on their stroll at the mall or it's something you can sell cheaper than the store price, and it should be something people would actually buy. Then, you have to study the processes of shipping, find the platform or platforms where you'll be online selling, and give it a go. Starting a business, be it online or not, is always a gamble so be sure to be equipped with enough knowledge on this venture.

Sites to check out: Lazada, Shopee

6. Online teaching

Teaching online also yields a good pay for the qualified and determined. There are many opportunities for this line of work, and if you know you have the necessary skills and knowledge, you are sure to land on one. But besides being confident with your skillset, you should also keep in mind that online teaching also requires a decent setup– a fast internet connection, a reliable device, and a tidy and quiet space where you will be conducting your classes. Have these all checked and you're good to go!

Site to check out: Acadsoc

7. Vlogging & livestreaming

For the non-camera-shy folks out there who are prepared to get their piece of fame on the internet, vlogging and livestreaming are also possible ways of earning online. Besides ad revenue, you'll find more opportunities here over time once you have earned a good set of growing audiences. These include tips from fans, sponsorship from businesses, and even through developing and selling your own merch!

Sites to check out: Youtube, Facebook

8. Social media handling

If you're spending your free time mostly on social media, why not earn from doing so? Of course, social media management requires more than just scrolling on your newsfeed and posting what's on your mind. Most businesses looking for social media handlers or managers often prefer communication or marketing graduates. This is because the job will require you to maximize the social media platforms to make their business known and keep its social media presence afloat. So if you're planning to follow this path, be sure to do a lot of research especially on how to grow and groom an audience online.

9. Selling your photos

If you're the photophile type, then you can also earn extra cash by selling your photos as stock images online. The good thing about stock images is that almost every snap can cater to the need of someone out there. Still, you'd want your photos to stand out so there is always plenty of room to improve. It's also a good idea to brush up your knowledge on image licenses when getting started.

Sites to check out: Shutterstock, iStock, 500px

10. Specializing in SEO or online marketing

Similar to social media handling, being an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist for a company means you are tasked to make the presence of the business more known in the web. As the job title implies, it is your responsibility to make the company's website, webpages, and other links stand out on search engines like Google to add traffic for the site.

11. Developing mobile games or apps

If you are a programmer, then you can spend your time at home developing your own mobile games and apps. It all starts with an idea, and then you execute that idea. You can take a look into hyper-casual games– those addicting mobile games despite their simplicity in mechanics, like Flappy BirdCandy Crush, and so on. Besides ads, other ways to earn with your own app or game include in-app purchases and offering a premium version or the full version for a certain price.

Sites to check out: Google Play Store, App Store

12. Investing in stocks

Lastly, investing stocks is another way to earn, but as with the other recommendations listed here, you have to learn it first. Today, there are numerous online stockbrokers that can get you started with just a few clicks and taps, so all you really need is the knowledge, the guts, and of course, the money to back you up. Below are some of the websites that can help you get a better understanding of the this and that of stock exchange.

Sites to check out: Investopedia, Yahoo Finance

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