Feeling Stressed? Livestream These Cute Animals From Your Home!

Watch puppies, kittens, sea otters, and more in real-time!

Already experiencing a bit of a cabin fever while in home quarantine? If scrolling and tapping on your phone all day long is starting to get into your nerves, then maybe you need a daily dose of cuteness!

Luckily, we could watch livestreams of some cute (and wild) animals online from the monitors of our laptops and smartphones. And we've got you covered, 'cause you wouldn't have to scour the internet anymore as we have rounded them up for you! Below are eight cute animals you can livestream in the comfort of your own home!

Note: These livestreams are based in the US, so due to the differing timezones, it is best to watch them here in the Philippines at night.


1. Dogs & puppies
Stream at Explore.org

Image: Warrior Canine Connection Facebook page

Be it puppies or senior dogs, just staring at a group of these furry pals can already pull at your heartstrings. The website offers numerous livestreams of canine homes, from the cozy gathering room of Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary to the puppy playroom of the Warrior Canine Connection.

2. Cats & kittens
Stream at Explore.org

Image: Kitten Rescue Facebook page

Equally loved as a household pet, cats can also be streamed via the Explore.org website. From your home, you can take a peek at the little furballs being cared for at the volunteer-run Kitten Rescue in L.A. California which has rescued and placed 18,000 cats into loving homes.

3. Pandas
Stream at Smithsonian's National Zoo

Image: Smithsonian's National Zoo website

Pandas, who doesn't love them? Watch the giant pandas Tian Tian and Mei Xiang at the Smithsonian's National Zoo online as they chomp on bamboo, play and stumble, and interact with trained volunteers.

4. Sea otters
Stream at Vancouver Aquarium

Image: Vancouver Aquarium website

Dive into the everyday lives of these cute furry marine mammals as they swim and enjoy meals of sea urchins, crabs, or clams. You can switch between the regular otter cam and the underwater otter cam to get a glimpse of their finesse in diving.

5. Penguins
Stream at Vancouver Aquarium

Image: Vancouver Aquarium website

The Vancouver Aquarium also houses African penguins. Watch them waddle over stones or dive into water in the aquarium's Penguin Point, which is inspired by the Boulders Beach in Cape Town, South Africa, these penguins' natural habitat.

6. Elephants
Stream at San Diego Safari Park

Image: San Diego Safari Park website​

These gentle giants will also steal your hearts with their long trunks and friendly demeanor. In this livestream, you can watch the safari park's nine elephants just doing their business but looking lovable at the same time.

7. Koalas
Stream at San Diego Safari Park

Image: San Diego Safari Park website

Koalas are also great contenders at the cuddly animals' hierarchy. Watch these grey furry mammals just sitting on the branches, sleeping, moving from one tree to another or enjoying a meal of their favorite eucalyptus leaves.

8. Polar bears
Stream at San Diego Safari Park

Image: San Diego Safari Park website

Streaming these bears blanketed by their white, soft-looking fur is also a watch worthy of our time. Just relax yourself and watch them being cool in their tundra-like home at the San Diego Safari Park.

Looking for more animals to watch in real-time? There are also livestream videos for tigers, lionsapes, babboons, giraffesa variety of birds, and fishes in aquariums! Visit the websites Explore.org, San Diego Safari Park, Vancouver Aquariums, and Smithsonian's National Zoo for more.

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