Samsung Unpacked Recap: A List of All the Important Phone and Tech Reveals

From three new smartphones to the Galaxy Buds, Samsung sure did unpack interesting new features and technology!

After its 30-second advertisement leak a day before Samsung's official launch, the mobile giant has finally announced its highly anticipated new line through a launch event entitled Samsung Unpacked.

Brought about by a decade of innovation, this year's product launch promised an extraordinary lineup. From a foldable phone to three new smartphones to the Galaxy Buds, Samsung sure did unpack interesting new features and technology. Here's a rundown of all the important phone and tech reveals from the event:

Galaxy Fold

After the mobile giant teased about their foldable phone in November, Samsung finally announces Galaxy Fold – the world’s first ever foldable screen smartphone.

A smartphone and a tablet in one, Galaxy Fold is equipped with a 4.6-inch (840×1960 resolution) display with a 7.3-inch (1536×2152 resolution) display when unfolded. 

The Galaxy Fold has two different screens. When closed, it fits right in the palm of your hand and when opened, it works as a tablet. The new device also has app continuity that when you tap on an app using the phone and unfold the tab, it seamlessly open the current app you're on.

It is also equipped with a three-app multi-tasking feature which means you can use three apps at the same time – watch something on YouTube, chat with someone on Whatsapp or search for something on Google. 

The camera is just as flexible as the unit. The Galaxy Fold has six cameras – 3 rear, 2 inside and 1 front.

It is available in four colors – Cosmos Black, Space Siler, Marching Green and Astro Blue – and depending on the color you choose, you can personalize the hinge color as well.

The Galaxy Fold is available starting on April 26, 2019 from $1,980.

Samsung S10, S10+ and S10e

A first in Samsung history, the Samsung Galaxy S10 range will include three all-new handsets – Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10e which is a more affordable variant. We've listed all the important information you'll possibly need:

Storage and Battery

The Galaxy S10+ comes with a 12GB or 8GB RAM and 1TB or 128gb storage, S10 with an 8GB RAM and 12GB Storage and the S10e with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage.

Always running out of battery? Samsung's new flagship phone automatically optimizes the battery usage by shutting down background apps you don't need anymore. 

Maximize Infinity Display

The three variants will come with a punch-hole design that pushes the bezels further to the sides to give the users the most cinematic experience.

It will also have an 18:9 aspect ratio which makes the Galaxy S10 the biggest screen to body ratio of 90%. The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus have a 6.1 and 6.4-inch display, both variants have the flagship identity of a curve edge while the Galaxy S10e is the only variant with a flat edge and a side fingerprint sensor. 

The smartphone is also equipped with a dynamic AMOLED display which is a step up from the Super AMOLED and is 14% brighter than the previous model so even when you're walking in direct sunlight, you don't need to adjust the brightness. 

Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S10 Fold

True Vision Multi-Camera 

Shoot like a pro without any professional equipment. With the Galaxy S10+, users can enjoy a total of five cameras – three rear and two front cameras. The smartphone has a 12mp telephoto lens perfect for zoomed photos, 12mp wide angle lens with a dual aperture for bright and low-light photos, 16mp ultra wide angle lens for the most extensive view and a 10mp and 8mp front camera. 

The Galaxy S10 is equipped with four cameras – three rear and one 10mp front camera. The Galaxy S10e has three cameras – wide and ultra wide cameras at the back and 10mp front camera. The new and common in the three variants is the ultra wide camera with a 123-degree angle view so users are able to capture more than a human's vision at just 120 degrees. 

The Galaxy S10 will also come with a Pro Camcorder in both the rear and front cameras so it will be able to shoot ultra-high definition videos, HDR 10+ videos and it will also come with a super steady feature so it will allow you to capture shake-free videos while in action so it's perfect for sports or vlogging.

Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S10 Fold
The Galaxy S10+ and S10 are equipped with three rear cameras – wide, ultrawide and telephoto

Intelligent Performance 

This includes further enhanced flagship essentials. The Galaxy S10 and S10+ is the first device to sport the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner making it the most advanced on-screen fingerprint scanner in the market. 

Compared to other smartphones in the market which uses optical methods which uses light to illuminate your finger and a tiny camera under the screen takes a photo of your fingerprints and compares it with a stored image while the Galaxy S10 ultrasonic fingerprint scanner actually learns the 3D grooves of the fingers so you'll be able to unlock your phone in any situation. 

Next Gen Wireless Charger

The Galaxy S10 series now comes with a charging pad on its body so it allows you to wirelessly transfer power to your other smart devices wherever you are. All you have to do is by simply putting another device at the back center part of the smartphone. You can also charge other accessories and wearables and you can even charge your Galaxy S10 as it charges another device – so that's two charges in just one plug.


All the three variants are available in Prism White while the S10 is available in Prism Black and the S10+ is also available in Prism Green and Ceramic Black. 

Pricing starts at P39,990 for the Galaxy S10e, P49,990 for the Galaxy S10, and P55,990 for Galaxy S10+.

Pre-order starts from February 22 to March 3. It will be available in stores March 8.

Sample photos using the Galaxy S10:

Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S10 Fold
Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S10 Fold
Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S10 Fold
Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S10 Fold
Low Light

Galaxy S10 5G

Other than the 5G connectivity, the Galaxy S10 5G has a few other noteworthy features. It has the biggest screen and battery on a Galaxy device, the S10 5G is equipped with a 6.7-inch dynamic AMOLED display and a 4,500mAh battery.

Similar to the S10 and S10+, the S10 5G has all the three rear cameras and the fourth camera – 3D Depth Sensing Camera which allows the users to add depth of field to your videos in real-time. 


Here are the other gadgets they've announced:

Galaxy Buds

Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S10 Fold

Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S10 Fold

Wireless earbuds that deliver a premium experience with sound from AKG, Samsung has improved the sound quality the user hears and made sure that the user can be heard as well thanks to the Adaptive Dual Microphones – one on the outside and one on the inside. 

Use the Galaxy Buds for calls for 5 hours and stream music for 6 hours in a single charge. It is also Bixby-enabled so you can check battery or control music using a voice command.

Available starting March 8 in three colors – white, black and yellow, priced at P6,990.

Galaxy Fit & Fit e

Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S10 Fold

Notable features:

– 1 week battery life
– 5ATM water resistant
– Tracks exercise, sleep and stress
– Users can receive notification and has a quick reply feature

Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S10 Fold

Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S10 Fold Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S10 Fold

Notable features:

– It has a minimalist and sporty design
– 5ATM water resistant so you can wear it while swimming
– It tracks exercise, sleep, stress and has a built-in heart rate monitor

Available in black and rose gold, priced at P11,990.


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