5 Steps to Recreate a Movie-Going Experience at Home

5 Ways to Recreate The Movie-Going Experience at Home

Missing your trips to the cinema? Setting up a humble home theater while we're in quarantine is a nice idea!

Do you remember the last time you saw a movie in theaters? After months of social distancing and spending most of the time at home due to the pandemic, those good days in the cinema house do really feel like ages ago. And even though films are readily available thanks to our gadgets and the internet, the theater still offers a much better experience when it comes to really immersing the audiences into the movie they’re watching.

But this doesn’t mean that we can’t recreate that experience. In fact, a Home Theater is a nice project to try out while we’re still in lockdown. And to help you out, here are some steps you can take to upgrade your Netflix-on-the-couch movie nights with the family!

Imitate the big screen.

An important thing you need to recreate the big screen at home is, well, a big screen. You can always opt for your smart TV but using a projector instead will really give off that cinema-at-home vibe.

A DLP (Digital Light Processor) projector with 720p resolution and produces 1,500 lumens, will work well enough in the dark. But if you really want to amp up the experience, then a laser projector with 1080p or 4K resolution, and can produce about 2,500 to 3,000 lumens is definitely your best pick. After choosing your ideal projector, don’t forget to check out projector screens as well.

Dim the room and no distractions!

Because we want it to be as theater-like as possible, the darker the room, the better. So unless you’ll be watching the movies at night, you’d want to take the curtains down and reduce any other light sources to a minimum. Of course, putting your phones in Silent Mode and setting it aside is not only movie house etiquette, it is also to keep you, and the people you’re with, from being distracted in the duration of the film.

Getting comfy.

Since you’re at home, you can get comfortable as much as you want to! Put together your comfy chairs, throw in some pillows and a blanket (definitely handy when you’re watching horror), and wear your most comfortable loungewear. This may not be part of our usual movie-going experience, but we’ll consider it an advantage because if we could get this comfortable in the cinemas, we’d probably not miss the opportunity.

Don’t forget the snacks.

Sitting in front of a film for about an hour or two wouldn’t be complete without snacks and drinks within your reach. And when it comes to the movies, nothing beats the classic popcorn! This snack is not only easy to make, it will also be a fun watch for the kids even before the movie begins!

Surround sound elevates the experience!

Besides your “big screen”, it is the surround sound system that really brings your home theater to the next level! Whether it is the slow, romantic background music, the nail-biting sound effects of a horror flick, or the fun upbeat tune of an animated adventure, having the right speakers can truly immerse you into the film you’re watching.

We do get though, that having a surround sound system at home is often space consuming, with multiple speakers scattered around the room. During a time that many of us are pursuing a minimalist look in our homes, this can be quite tricky.

Enter the Huawei Sound X, a compact, hi-res certified Bluetooth speaker that offers 360° of high-fidelity sound, perfect for your home theater setup! To ensure its premium quality, Huawei partnered with the French audio technology company Devialet in creating the Huawei Sound X. 

Photo courtesy of Huawei

This device might only be 8 inches tall, but it packs a punch with a powerful pair of subwoofers and six full-range speakers. Besides its surround sound capabilities, this speaker can also go as loud as you want without compromising the audio quality, thanks to Devialet’s Push-Push Acoustic Design.

Of course, this speaker isn’t just perfect for movie viewing, it is also ideal for your everyday music needs. While traditional speakers struggle to ace the bass without sacrificing size, the Huawei Sound X impresses with a bass that can go as low as 40hz, with a peak-to-peak amplitude of up to 20mm. Huawei users will also be delighted to hear that the Sound X fits right into the brand’s ecosystem. With Huawei Share, for example, your device can conveniently share audio with the speaker in just a simple tap. Learn more about this awesome device by clicking this link.

VIDEO: Huawei Sound X Unboxing & Review

And that’s how you can make your version of home theater! Once everything’s all set up, just grab your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the film!

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