5 Tips For Better Video Conference Calls

5 Tips For Better Video Conference Calls

Ace your online meetings with no setbacks by making these preparations!

With the pandemic still in our midst, working from home has indeed become part of the new normal. Thankfully, even a workforce divided by physical distance can still function with communications backed by technology. This is why more and more people are now learning the ropes on formal video conferencing. If you’re one of the newbies, let us help you out with these five tips for having a smooth-sailing video con call.

5 Tips For Better Video Conference Calls

Check your internet speed

If you want a smooth video conference call, of course you need a fast and reliable internet connection. Check your internet speed with a speed test online, and you can compare it to the advisable bandwidth of the app you will be using for the call.

To give you a clue, Zoom requires about 800kbps/1.0Mbps (upload/download) for group calls; Skype needs about 2Mbps/512kbps; Microsoft Teams requires at least 500kbps/1Mbps; while Google Meet needs about 1.5Mbps to 3.2Mbps. If you’re using a different software, just search its bandwidth requirements to ensure that your call wouldn’t be cut off by a lagging internet connection.

Gear up

If your internet connection is good to go, then make sure that your device won’t let you down. If you’re using a laptop, tablet, or phone, have it adequately charged or better yet, plugged into an electric outlet during the call. It is also nice to have a backup plan in case you encounter an issue with your main device. If you’re having a Zoom meeting on your laptop, have a Zoom app ready on your tablet/phone as well.

You also want to ensure that your camera, headset, and microphone are working well. Have a test run so you can check if everything’s working fine. This is also a good opportunity to get familiar with the software you are using and its capabilities, such as screen sharing that would come handy on presentations.


Be aware of your environment

Since video conferencing became more essential for doing business, social media saw the rise of video-con fails. While most of these are harmless and funny, we still aim to stay professional all throughout the call. Double check your surroundings. Are there any unwanted noises or is your background prone to video bombers? Tick off anything that can distract you and the people you’re speaking with during the video conference.

Dress up for the call

Now that your background is camera-ready, you should be too! It is no secret that most people are attending video conferences with only half the formal attire– sporting a presentable top while wearing their home attire from the waist down. And this is completely reasonable, just keep in mind that you better remain seated all throughout the call.

Another important factor is the lighting. To make sure the people you’re in the call with can see you clearly, the brightest light source in the room should be in front of you and not behind you. You don’t want to be a silhouette talking in front of the camera.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Observe proper etiquette

Now that all things are set and ready, you want to remind yourself of the proper etiquette. First, be on time. Of course, this applies to all meetings be it physical or online, but now it’s even more important because you have less reasons not to make it on time.

You also want to be mindful of the mute button. When someone else is speaking, be sure to turn on the mute button so everyone could focus on what is being said. And speaking of focus, you should also be attentive throughout the meeting. Even if it’s tempting to secretly scroll through Facebook or whatnot with your browser, stay professional and be respectful at all times.

And those are the tips we have for you out there who will be having their first video conference call! And for those who do video calls in a regular basis, share us some of your tips through the comments below.

Homestream image from Anna Shvets via Pexels

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