Express Yourselves Better With Over a Hundred Upcoming Emojis

The new lineup of emojis include the Smiling Face with Tear, Bubble Tea, and Anatomical Heart emojis!

Emojis have now become a big part of our conversations online. Sometimes, chatting with friends would feel dull and incomplete without adding these expressive icons.

This 2020, we're getting 117 new emojis so we could express ourselves better! Trying to smile even though you just want to cry? Use a Smiling Face with a Tear. Can't express your obsession with milk tea? Now you can use the Bubble Tea emoji. Want to give your love to someone but is tired of that same heart emoji? Then send them the Anatomical heart, because why not?

Check out the emojis unveiled by Emojipedia below:

The new emojis are under the Emoji 13.0, which is expected for release sometime this year. According to Emojipedia, many of the emojis require the Unicode 13, which is due for release this March. So, which emoji are you most excited about?


For more information, check out the emojipedia website.


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