Audible Stories, Now Free: Access Hundreds of Children’s Audiobooks in 6 Languages

Kids of all ages can now have free access to Audible's curated library of audiobooks that feature hundreds of titles across different categories -- literary classics included!

During this quarantine period, many digital brands and services are reaching out to users with free content (such as free e-books, and free Canva pro accounts for all public health organizations around the world). Adding to the list is Amazon's spoken word/audio entertainment brand, Audible, recently announcing that its Audible Stories is now providing free audiobooks for kids of all ages.

"For as long as schools are closed, we're open," Audible says in their website announcement. Now, young children and teens have free access to Audible Stories' curated library of audiobooks that feature hundreds of titles across different categories, and in 6 different languages. Audible wants to do its part to keep one's childlike wonder and the dreamers' spirits high through their content, sharing that their audiobooks are something 'that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids.'

Included in the roster of titles are literary classics that will also keep the adults entertained while they remain safe at their homes. Explore the collection today, and discover hundreds of audiobooks! Some titles are even wonderfully narrated by celebrities such as Rachel McAdams, Scarlett Johansson, and the late Audrey Hepburn.

You can now stream all free Audible Stories on your desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet by logging on to their website (

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