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Share your Tech Accessory Faves on My ClickTheCity for a Chance to Win a Shopping Spree at TenkieBox!

Share your favorite finds from TenkieBox on My ClickTheCity and you may just be one of two lucky winners who'll receive a tech accessory bundle featuring Lifeproof, PopSockets, and OtterBox products!

On the go techies, this new My ClickTheCity giveaway is for you!

Pair your gadgets with the best tech accessories from PopSockets, OtterBox, and Lifeproof as TenkieBox celebrates its website launch with My ClickTheCity with an awesome promo! All you have to do is share your top picks from their newly-launched website TenkieBox.com on your my.clickthecity.com page to get a chance to win a premium tech accessory bundle from TenkieBox, the official distributor of OtterBox, LifeProof, and PopSockets in the Philippines. You can now start shopping online at their website for gadget accessories that complement your adventurous, creative, or everyday lifestyle.

LifeProof: Waterproof, Dustproof, and Dropproof Your Smartphone with this Phone Case
Turn Your Photos and Designs into Phone Accessories with Create Your Own PopSockets

The Prize:

There will be two (2) lucky winners who will receive a TenkieBox giveaway! Up for grabs is a shopping spree for a tech accessory bundle to jazz up your gadgets: TenkieBox will send you products worth over P5,000 from a selection of tech accessories now being sold on their website! Featured brands you can choose from are LifeProof, Otterbox, and Popsockets.

TenkieBox x My ClickTheCity
Mix and match a phone case and a tech accessory of your choice!

Winners will receive two (2) items they will choose for themselves online at Tenkiebox.com*:


  • Their choice of one (1) LifeProof phone case OR one (1) OtterBox phone case, and
  • Pair it with one (1) of these following tech accessories (choose one): one (1) OtterBox cable, (1) PopSockets product, OR one (1) OtterBox Exo Edge Case for Apple Watch

*Each winner will receive 2 items: one phone case and one tech accessory

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The more you share your #TenkieFinds on your My ClickTheCity page, the higher chances of scoring prizes!

How to Join:

  1. Create your My ClickTheCity page by signing up at my.clickthecity.com, a review platform where you can Review Anything and share anything easily.
  1. Share all your favorite finds, wishlist items, and anything you love from TenkieBox’s new website tenkiebox.com by posting the product links on My ClickTheCity. Share your #TenkieFinds on My ClickTheCity by copying the product link from the Tenkie Box website, and pasting it into your My ClickTheCity post. Include the hashtag #TenkieFinds in your review/post so that it qualifies as a raffle entry for the giveaway.   

3. There will be 2 Winners:

  • One (1) Winner drawn randomly via online raffle: one (1) valid user post is equivalent to one (1) entry, so the more you share your TenkieBox finds and favorites on My ClickTheCity, the higher the chances of winning!
  • One (1) Winner as TenkieBox Pick:  one (1) valid user post chosen by the TenkieBox team as their favorite entry; so be creative and witty in 300 characters or less, because your entry might just be chosen as a favorite! 

4. Promo runs from October 18 to November 6, 2021. #TenkieFinds posts on My ClickTheCity published before and after the promo duration will not be eligible to win prizes.

5. Winners will be announced online through ClickTheCity’s social media accounts and will be contacted via email on how to redeem their prizes.

6. The prize is not transferable, not exchangeable for, or convertible into cash, credit, or other goods and services.

7. Surf Shop, Inc. is not responsible for lost or delayed e-mail.

8. NOTE: This contest is only open to residents of the Philippines.

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