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Keep Your Mobile Number When You Move DITO!

You can now change your network provider and keep your number for free!

DITO Telecommunity invites mobile phone users to make the move to DITO while keeping their existing phone number. Starting September 30, thanks to the Mobile Number Portability law, Filipinos can now avail the service for free when they change network providers or switch to a different subscription plan.

What is Mobile Number Portability or MNP?

In compliance to the Republic Act 11202 or the Mobile Number Portability Act, Mobile Number Portability (MNP) gives mobile phone users the freedom to choose their telco service provider conveniently and seamlessly. Aside from being free of charge, MNP also offers subscribers the flexibility to transfer from one telco to another or switch from prepaid to postpaid and vice-versa without having to give up their phone numbers.  

To enable the porting services for the Mobile Number Portability law and ensure its smooth implementation, all three Philippine telcos formed an alliance through the Telecommunications Connectivity Inc., (TCI) which will oversee all the activities under MNP.

How to apply for MNP?

To start the process, applicants must first submit an MNP application to their existing provider, after which they will be given Unique Subscriber Code (USC) that they will need to provide when applying for either a new plan or a different network. 

For those switching providers, it will take 24 to 48 hours to activate the transfer, and there will be a 60-day period before a user is allowed to request another transfer. Another good news for subscribers is that there is no limit to the number of times one can switch between telcos. 


Easy and seamless porting when you move to DITO 

Now covering almost 300 cities and municipalities nationwide and boasting over 3 million subscribers since its launch this year, DITO is offering a seamless and hassle-free porting experience to new subscribers. To move to DITO, applicants can submit the requirements through any of DITO’s Experience Stores nationwide. 

To transfer to DITO from a different network provider, a subscriber must ensure that they meet the following requirements: must not have any outstanding financial obligation with their current mobile service provider; mobile number is not locked to any service provider; have no porting request in the last 60 days; mobile number is not prohibited from porting by a court of law; subscriber has not been blacklisted by a network provider for fraudulent activities; must have an active mobile number; mobile number must not be part of a bundled service or product of another network provider; mobile number is not the principal contact number in a multi-number account.

To start the process, applicants must first submit an MNP application to their provider to get their Unique Subscriber Code (USC), which they need to provide when applying. DITO currently only offers prepaid plans. 
For more details, visit to check out the FAQ page for Mobile Number Portability and DITOPhOfficial’s social media pages.

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