Coocaa AC

This Coocaa AC Cools The Room Faster with Lesser Power Consumption

Get Coocaa's newly launched AC for only P7,290!

Are you looking for a new AC but you’re on a budget? This Coocaa AC is priced at only P7,000 and it’s also eco-friendly!

Coocaa is under the TV manufacturer Skyworth and is now exploring their hand at airconditioning. The China-based company recently launched their AW06N-1 Window Type AC which runs on 0.6 hp. At a glance, you’ll see two knobs that control the temperature and cooling speed of the AC. It doesn’t have a remote though so it has to be controlled manually.

Coocaa AW06N-1 Overview:

Suitable Room Size7-12 sqm
Power Supply560 watts
Window TypeNon-inverter
Other specificationsAir Purify
Silver ion filter
Fast cooling
Golden Fins
Japan-tech compressor

Coocaa uses a Japan tech compressor which helps to compress the refrigerant at a higher speed and extending its lifespan. This means it can cool down the room faster with less power consumption. It is also equipped with R-32 which is a next-generation refrigerant that efficiently carries heat and has a lower environmental impact which makes it eco-friendly compared to others in the market.

The AW06N-1 uses golden fins that possess hydrophilic properties so you won’t be worrying about condensation. It has an anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, and anti-dust feature that extends the product’s longevity. On top of that, the filter is coated with silver ion which filters out bacteria and viruses. According to them, this makes every breath cooler and fresher, pretty much how an air purifier works.

My Experience:

I live in a loft-type unit where the living area and kitchen can be found on the ground floor while the bedroom and bath are found on the top floor. I already have an AC in the bedroom but it can’t really cool the whole unit as quickly as I need it, especially at times when I shoot for work. And it gets really warm when the curtains are open in the morning or all the lights are turned on when I work in the evening. According to Coocaa, the AC is suitable for 7-12sqm and can cool in 30 seconds. My floor area on the ground floor is bigger but when the curtains are drawn, I’ve noticed it cools in less than a minute, so it’s much quicker compared to my AC unit in the bedroom.


Just like other window-type AC, it’s not silent but it’s not really bothersome unless you’re too sensitive to noise. Overall, for its price and features, the Coocaa AW06N-1 is worth checking out particularly if you’re all about saving money and the environment.

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Price, Where To Buy:

The Coocaa AW06N-1 is priced at P7,990 but you can get it at 9% off on Shopee. Get it for only P7,290 here.

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