This Fan-Made 'Overwatch' Map Takes Players to Manila!

Filipino Overwatch players, this fan-made map reveal is sure to make you wish that you could actually play in it!

Freelance 3D environment artist from Valenzuela City, Shua Llorente uploaded on Youtube a very convincing Manila map for the popular Blizzard multiplayer game. Check it out below:

The white monolithic Quiapo Church surrounded by the multicolored umbrellas of street vendors; the zipping LRT over its elevated rails; the Pasig river flowing right in middle of the city; and the cluster of buildings with only small alleys in between; every Pinoy is sure to recognize it as Manila. But if they don't, perhaps the brands Jullybee, VDO, Mak's, and ZOGO will convince them.

Besides Manila, Shua also created fan-made Overwatch-inspired maps of Busan, Cairo, Favela, and more. Check out more of Shua Llorente's works on his website and Youtube channel.



Homestream image screengrabbed from Shua Llorente's 'Manila Map' clip.

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