Be More Expressive as 230 New Emojis Are Approaching Our Phones

Express yourself with more emojis as 230 new icons will be added to your emoji list!

Emojipedia just announced the upcoming icons from Unicode including some sample photos of what to expect from the release.

Some of these new emojis include the yawning face, white heart, pinching hand, and animals like the orangutan and flamingo among others. Through the recent years, the emojis have gone through big updates to address more diverse expressions and to represent a wider scope of people.

Image: Emojipedia website

These updates saw the addition of skin tone support to the Unicode Standard in 2015, the increase of women representation in 2016, gender inclusive people in 2017, and hair color variations in 2018. This year, the scope got even greater with more emoji additions like people with disabilities-- a proposition of Apple, gender inclusive couples, and a wider assortment for the mix of skin tones of people holding hands.

Though the list has now been announced, there are still several months of waiting before the update becomes available to your phones. Unicode will release the update in March but it will take some time before apps and operating systems can allow support for the new emojis. Updates are set to begin in April and continue through the end of the year.

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