Facebook Now Has 'Remove for Everyone' Feature for your Messages

Has it always been a hassle when you accidentally send a message to the wrong person? Or perhaps you realized there was some mistake in your message and you want to take it back?

After a long time of taking repercussions of messages, you can only delete for yourself, a new Facebook feature now allows you to undo your message within 10 minutes after sending it.

Image: Messenger News on Facebook

According to the announcement of Facebook on Tuesday, the feature is now available for Messenger on the latest versions of iOS and Android.

To do this, you will just tap the message and you will be given two options: Remove for Everyone and Remove for You. A click on the former will take down the message from you and the recipient/s inboxes. Instead, it will be replaced by a message alerting everyone that the message has been removed.

Even after 10 minutes, the Remove for You button will always be available, deleting the message only in your device.

Even so, people can always report conversations that violate Facebook's Community Standards.

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