New Year Gear: 8 Apps That Will Help You Keep Your Resolutions for 2018

New Year, new you!

Sure, you've listed down all your New Year's resolutions; but have you thought of how you are actually pushing through with them amidst all the distractions this year is set to bring?

Whether it's saving money or living a better life through exercise and healthy eating, it's great if you can actually keep track on the new goals you are setting for yourself for 2018. Here is a list of all the possible resolutions you have set and the apps to help you achieve it:

1. "I will finally start exercising."

From Circuit Training and Indoor Cycling to Yoga and Zumba, you'll find the perfect exercise to fit your need. GuavaPass is the largest social community of premium fitness studios all over the Metro. Download of the app is free but there's a monthly fee to access and enjoy unlimited fitness classes at top studios and experience healthy living perks across Asia and the Middle East. 

App: GuavaPass
Available: iOS | Android | web
Price: App is free but subscription ranges from P1,399 to P2,699

2. "I will eat healthier and better."

It's already been proven that achieving your goal body is made 80% in the kitchen and 20% in the gym. Download an app that will help you tracking calorie easy with a database of over 6 million food. MyFitnessPal helps you track your daily food intake by setting your caloric goals and there's even a community that will make sure you're on the right path.

App: MyFitnessPal
Available: iOS | Android | web
Price: Free

3. "I'll save more money this year."

Say good bye to carrying dozens of envelopes to keep all your expenses! Download an app that will help with your budget planning and money management. If you're looking for a simple user interface, Spending Tracker is your go-to app. All you have to do is enter your income and every expense you have and you're good to go. To use the app: enter the date of purchase, amount and category to input the data for expenses. If you want to have a quick look where all your money goes, just rotate the device and it will display a pie chart.

App: Spending Tracker
Available: iOS | Android
Price: Free

4. "I want to learn how to cook."

If you're a budding home cook, BigOven is perfect with over 350,000 simple recipes to choose from. Other notable features include the ability to add snapshots of your own recipes, the option to make a grocery list based on the recipes you're creating and a weekly organizer that would make meal planning easier. Plus points for its social feature where you'll be able to check out what chefs, your favorite bloggers, family and friends are cooking in their own kitchen.

App: BigOven
Available: iOS | Android | web
Price: Free

5. "I will finally find time to travel more."

Exploring the world will never be the same again with Google Trips. You don't have to wait for your friends anymore and can finally do that solo trip you've been planning to do since this is the only travel buddy you will ever need. The handy app keeps all your travel reservations from Gmail, gives activity suggestions based on what's nearby, organizes a day plan based on your interests and so much more. It's even available offline so you''ll always have your info anytime you need it.

App: Google Trips
Available: iOS | Android
Price: Free

6. "I want to be more productive and organized."

Old habits die hard as what most people would say but creating new ones is even harder. This app will plan, schedule and set reminders to help you succeed with your new habits. You can even see your progress as you build good behaviors and staying on track becomes much easier with the help of useful feedbacks from the app.

App: Productive
Available: iOS | Android (alternative)
Price: Free

7. "I want to be a better person."

This is definitely a unique way of writing a diary! Each diary entry is made up of a number of grids which asks a simple question, prompts to focus on how grateful you are or what makes that day important. Basically, writing becomes much easier, natural and fluid because of the templates of questions. Also, who doesn't want to be a better person? Now, you can keep track of all your good deeds!

App: Grid Diary
Available: iOS | Android (alternative)
Price: Free

8. "I want to take extra care of my thoughts and feelings."

No matter what people say, therapy is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself. Feel as though a therapist is actually talking to you with Moodnotes which is scientifically-supported by content of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and positive psychology. The app asks "how are you?" and you get to answer with one of the smiley or sad-face options. It then asks you a series of follow-up questions like Describe Your Thoughts, Did you fall into any traps?

You can develop healthier thinking habits, increase your self-awareness and reduce distress by tracking your moods, thoughts and emotions. With this, you can begin to see unhealthy patterns and get the proper tools to correct them. 

App: Moodnotes
Available: iOS
Price: $3.99 ≈ P203


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