5 Surefire Ways on Becoming a Spy Overnight

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What do you do when you and your best friend find out that your ex-boyfriend is actually a CIA agent and is being chased by a group of assassins? You become spies yourselves! That's exactly what happens with Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon in The Spy Who Dumped Me, where they have to escape the bad guys all while trying to save the world!  

You don't really need to have a group of assassins coming after you to become a spy! Whether it's for that next escape room session with the squad, or you're actually out to do some undercover mission, here are 5 surefire ways to help you on your spy journey:

1. Play video games. Lots of it!

They say playing video games is beneficial for you! Studies have actually shown that certain video games can improve hand and eye coordination, problem-solving skills and the mind's ability to process information under pressure. So, plus points if you're into video games. It will surely give you a boost in your journey to spy-hood! 

2. Trust no one (except for your BFF).

So you say you want to be a spy... Sure, the number one rule is to blend in and make sure no one finds out you're actually undercover. But you'll be needing someone to trust – a confidant – with all your secrets. And who else would that be but your best friend! 

3. Be confident with your gameplan.

Before starting your journey, make sure you think everything through and be confident. While you could always be hopeful and confident that Plan A will come through just fine, always make sure to have a Plan B ready in case things go wrong. And things almost always go wrong! 

4. Give yourself a spy name.

You have to be incognito when you're doing some real professional espionage – so you don't want your enemies to know who you really are. Come up with an alias to protect yourself. Need ideas? Here's a fun way to instantly give yourself a new identity: make your spy name the combination of your favorite color, plus your favorite animal. Nice to meet you, I'm Purple Monkey. And you are?

5. "Just don't die."

When everything goes wrong, just make sure you survive so you can go on another mission. Find out more ways on how to become a spy when you catch The Spy Who Dumped Me in cinemas this week! Check the complete list of schedule here.

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