This New Shakey's Pizza Goes Seafood Unlike Any Other This Summer

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Just when you've declared yourself a total pizza junkie and tried 'em all, Shakey's suddenly surprises you this summer with their new seafood pizza -- and it's unlike any other in the metro.

The new Scallop Primo Pizza lets all adventurous pizza lovers dive into a different kind of deliciousness with its premium combination of toppings and ingredients served on Shakey's Signature Thin Crust. Let's have a mouthwatering breakdown of them:

Baby Scallops: plump pieces of scallops top the Scallop Primo, and the generous topping in the pizza lends each slice a taste of the ocean -- sweet with salty hints of the sea, a perfect reminder that it's now the season to savor seafood more.

Crab Kani: premium crab sticks are shredded into thin strips, joining the scallops in this new pizza; while Japanese cuisine has kani as their staple, Shakey's gets extra playful and bold by including this seafood treat into the mix of the Scallop Primo to result in a double whammy of sea-flavored delight.

Aged Cheddar Cheese: cheese is a must in every great pizza, and for this one, they level up the flavors with aged cheddar cheese, a generous coating melding into the Shakey's Signature Thin Crust -- warm and utterly comforting as cheese in pizza should be.

Fresh Herbs and Chili Flakes: tying all three together -- succulent scallops, kani strips, and cheese -- is just the right amount of basil, parsley, and a tease of chili flakes to spice things up and give every big bite of the pizza a distinct, delicious flavor.

New and exciting flavors of the summer and a gastronomic experience inspired by the ocean now come to you with Shakey's Scallop Primo Pizza. And just as fleeting as the summer season, it won't be here forever--so get it while it's available in all Shakey’s restaurants nationwide (dine in, carry out, and delivery -- visit www.shakeyspizza.ph or call 77-777 to have your pizza delivered). Catch it while you can and savor the flavors of the sea one hungry bite, one slice at a time!


The Scallop Primo pizza is available until May 31, 2017, only at all Shakey’s branches nationwide. Dial 77-777 for delivery, visit www.shakeyspizza.ph, like Shakey's (Shakey’s Pizza), and follow on Twitter (@PHShakeys) and Instagram (@shakeysph). #SummerSurprise

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