QUIZ: What kind of a Superwoman are you?

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What does it really take to be a #Superwoman? What kind of guts and ambition will drive you to walk headstrong every day? We women come in our own unique  shapes, sizes, and personalities. These make us our own kind of superwoman.

Life is such a ride that gives us challenges and experiences we conquer daily. Different things move a woman to herself toward her best version. Being a superwoman is a strong calling to unleash the heroine in you! Find out just what kind of #Superwoman you are through our quiz!

It doesn’t matter what kind of #Superwoman you are. You will always get the support you need, for whatever dreams you have. Only the best Superwomen get the most supportive and comfortable experience with FitFlop – the only sandals you need for that perfect fit to change the world one stylish step at a time. With its ergonomic design and smart technology, every pair of FitFlop is like a best friend that always has your back. Now, walk your way with all your fellow superwomen!

Now is the best time to step into what life has to offer with less worries! Be in a comfortable position to drive your Superwoman self. Wouldn’t it be nice to give back and show your appreciation to the fabulous women who inspired you to be stronger, happier, and more confident? Nominate your favorite Superwoman and you might just win a pair of FitFlop for both you and your fellow Superwoman!

Your Fellow Superwoman

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