Storage Products and Organizers under P500

8 Storage Products and Organizers Under P500 to Turn Your Space from Messy to Neat

Decluttering your space? Tidy up like a pro with these eight affordable storage products and organizers!

Is your space getting more and more cluttered as you spend most of your hours at home? Then it’s probably time to do some spring cleaning by first getting rid of everything that doesn’t spark joy. And with cleaning comes reorganization — revamping your room, work area, kitchen, and all parts of your home to make room for more space! 

Organizers, Storage Products Shopping Guide

Organizers and shelves can have pretty steep prices, but there are also storage and organization products that won’t break the bank if you know where to look (and are lucky enough to score discounts!). We’ve scoured online for budget-friendly organization products that help revamp your space and found eight items you can add to your cart that will definitely tidy up nooks and crannies.

Streamline your space with these budget-friendly storage products and organizers we found online! 

1. Clear Refrigerator Bins that neatly organize your food and drink

8 Storage Products and Organizers - Refrigerator Organizer Container
Photo: Shopee

Maximize your fridge space by using these food organizers to stash your fruits, vegetables, canned and bottled items, and other dry goods. These can also double as storage for toiletries and other bathroom items!

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2. This Rotating Organizer for your makeup and skincare items

Photo: Lazada

When your makeup stash is overflowing from your kikay kit, it’s time to get yourself an easy-access tabletop organizer that rounds up all your tools and items conveniently! Organize your brushes, cosmetics, fragrances, and other beauty and skincare essentials in this 360-degree rotating case.

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3. Vaccum-sealed Bags to give your closet much-needed extra space

8 Storage Products and Organizers - Vacuum Seal Bags
Photo: Shopee

When there are garments that you simply cannot let go of, store them better with these reusable storage vacuum bags available in different sizes. Compress your beddings, clothing, and pillows for storage and for travel so that you get more closet and luggage space!

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4. This Faucet Organizer that removes clutter from your kitchen sink

8 Storage Products and Organizers - Kitchen sink faucet shelf
Photo: Lazada

Are your toilet and kitchen sink items always falling on the sink, or need to clear the space to make it extra tidy? Install this durable storage solution in your faucet to use for your soap, scrub, and kitchen sponge to drain conveniently.

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5. Colorful Stackable and Foldable Plastic Bins to organize anything

8 Storage Products and Organizers - OLS Foldable Stackable Storage Box Basket Bin Plastic Container Organizer with Handle Car Trunk
Photo: Shopee

These storage products come in different sizes and colors, so you can color-code your storage bins for every room or area of your home. These are stackable so you can store your things vertically to create more floor space, and come with handles so they’re easy to carry around. Additionally, these bins are collapsible, so you can fold them flat when not in use!

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6. A Desktop Bookshelf to neatly stack your books and journals

8 Storage Products and Organizers - Tree Desktop BookShelf
Photo: Lazada

This vertical Tree Desktop Organizer conveniently stacks your books on its shelves and also doubles as eye-catching home decor. Place it on your kitchen counter for your recipe books, by your work desk, or dresser. It occupies a small area for its base so you definitely save space!

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7. This Velvet-Lined Case for your collection of accessories

Photo: Lazada

Lightweight and portable, this organizer is also travel-ready and a great gift idea for anyone who loves accessorizing! It comes with different layers and compartments for studs, necklaces, rings, and other jewelry items that keep everything in place. The case is also lined with velvet fabric so that it’s gentle on your accessories and prevents scratching so that your trinkets can last longer!

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8. A Minimalist Storage Box for your power cord and wires

Photo: Shopee

This desktop wire storage and organizer is sleek and stores your assortment of charging cables and wires neatly inside the box. It has slots on two sides for the wires so you can charge and use your gadgets (also preventing tangled spaghetti wires), and the box’s lid doubles as a counter for your other accessories and electronics.

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