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Love K-Pop? Here are 8 Items to Add to Your Collection

K-pop fans, older and younger ones alike, would definitely know and share the struggle of having to find both official and fan-made merchandise that you can add to your shrines, as some would call it). However, if you know where to look, then you’re sure to find items that can be perfect additions to your collections, aesthetic and price-wise.

If you’ve been wanting to expand your K-pop collection and are currently on lookout for official, fan-made, and other K-pop collection essentials, then we’ve got you covered. Here are 8 items you should add to your carts right now:

Official Albums and Light Sticks from N Cat

Ask any K-pop fan out there and they’ll probably tell you that K-pop albums are probably the most important items in the collections. Now, if you’re a new fan who’s wondering where you can get albums of your faves or an older one who’s looking for a new shop to get their goods from, N Cat’s Lazada flagship store is a good place to start. They have both newer and older albums of some of today’s most popular acts, including BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, NCT, and ITZY.

The shop also carries official K-pop light sticks, which would definitely complete the experience if you’re up to watch your faves’ concerts and live performances.

Get it here.


Official K-Pop Merch and Goods from Harum.io

Another item that fans love to buy is official items that drop just in time for a new album concept, tour, brand collaboration, or event. Since most of these items usually don’t get available in the Philippines, the only way to get these is by joining GOs on Twitter shops, or opting to purchase from sites that buy it from Korea and have it shipped directly to you. One of the shops to check out is Harum.io, which has K-pop and K-drama albums, merchandise from collections, physical manhwas, apparel, and more.

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Art Prints from Nandemocreative

If you’re the type of fan who loves collecting fan arts and other fan-made merch, you’ll definitely find a bunch of them on Shopee and on Instagram. One of the many shops you can check out right now is Nandemocreative which has both K-pop, anime, and Genshin Impact-themed items. What we’re definitely eyeing right now are these Psycho-era Red Velvet and Celebrity-era IU art prints which both have a *chef’s kiss* aesthetic.

Get it here.

Sticker Packs from Heart Cheeks Studios

Another fan-made merch we’d love to cop and collect are these sticker packs from Heart Cheeks Studios! You might have stumbled upon their sticker packs while searching through many of Common Room’s items, but they also have a shop on Shopee so you could get the latest designs without leaving home. This shop has cute sticker packs of some of the popular K-pop group’s latest eras, perfect for those who are into collecting (and hoarding) stickers!

Get it here.

Enamel Pins from Canderella

For the ARMY who love to collect pins of all make and design, you can also check out Canderella on Shopee! The shop mainly offers enamel pins that take inspiration from BTS’ music videos, songs, and even V’s pet, Yeontan! Add these pins to your daily tote bag to show your love for BTS or stick them on your pinboards if you’re the kind to showcase your collection in your rooms.

Get it here.

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Photocard Binders from Cozzarc

K-Pop Photocard Collection Binder 4 Pocket Sleeves (P410)

K-pop fans love collecting photocards, and what better way to keep and store your stash of these than to put them in a nice photocard binder! This one from Cozzarc comes in A5 size, and with 5 pages of binder fillers, letting you store about 20-40 photocards. If the fillers aren’t enough, you can always buy them in 3s in the shop for P120.

Get it here.

Wall Mounted CD Player from Lisyan.cr

KECAG 2.0 Wall-mounted CD Player Bluetooth Speaker (P1550)

Been wondering what else you could do with the CDs in your album? Play them, of course! This Wall Mounted Speaker from Lisyan.cr is a stylish one that lets you play CDs or music from your phone via its Bluetooth function. What makes this speaker a good buy is how you can mount it on a wall or prop it on a table, making it another aesthetic piece to add to your desks or shelves.

Get it here.

Pin Keeper Banner from Common Room

Tiny Treasures Pin Keeper Banner (P749)

Lastly, for the pin hoarders who are looking for a way to display their haul (see above pins!), they can check out Common Room’s pin keeper banner! It’s big enough to store smaller pins, and you can always hang them on your wall so you can showcase all the pretty pins — enamel and button one alike — that you’ve been investing on for months!

Get it here.

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