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10 Don Quijote Finds You Can Now Ship to the Philippines

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you’d definitely already have fallen victim to Don Quijote and its selection of items. The Japanese discount store, also known as Donki, is famous for having everything — from Japanese snacks and skincare products to home items and even quite a number of risque items. Because of this, it’s almost impossible for anyone to leave the place empty-handed.

However, since we’re all still unable to fly to Japan to visit our favorite ~budol~ place, we’re all left wondering when we can get a restock on items that we bought from our last trips. Luckily for us, Filipinos, the shop has recently started delivering to the Philippines through its online shop. And while the shop currently offers a limited selection of items, there’s still quite a number of products that we know you’d definitely want to cop!

Here are 10 Donki items from the online shop which you can now have delivered right to your homes;

(JP¥1≈ P0.45)

Ichiran Ramen

Photo: Don Quijote/Website

Ichiran is a famous ramen shop in Japan, and it also offers a take-home version of their signature dish. Donki carries two versions of this ramen: the curled version and the Hakata-style thin straight noodles. Both of these versions have the authentic tonkotsu soup base everyone’s come to love from the restaurant. It even comes with Ichiran’s spicy red seasoning, which you can also buy separately from the site.



Matcha and Green Tea Drinks

Another thing that Japan is popular for is Matcha. And if you’ve been in search for that particular flavor you’ve had during your trip, you’re guaranteed to find something close to that in Don Quijote. From the site, you can find ones that are in teabags, as well as Matcha powder which you simply have to dissolve in hot water.

Price Range: JP¥398 (P177.39) – JP¥798 (P355.67)

Japanese Snacks

For those with a sweet tooth, definitely take your time checking out Don Quijote’s snack section as you’re sure to find something that you’ll like. The section has everything — from nuts and biscuits to chocolates and gummy candies of different flavors.

If you’re looking for something you haven’t tried before, you can always browse Donki’s Specialties section, which carries Japanese delicacies like Grilled Scallops, as well as Okinawan specialties. Note that their Okinawa Specialties section is only available for a limited time.

Price Range: JP¥120 (P53.48) – JP¥3780 (P1684.77)

Sake and Japanese Whisky

Yup, Donki also carries Japanese spirits, perfect for those who’ve been wondering where they can get authentic Japanese drinks. Currently, the site carries the Suntory Yamazaki 12 Years Single Malt Whiskey, as well as two kinds of Fruit Wines that you can choose from.

Price Range: JP¥1200 (P534) – JP¥38888 (P17332.58)

Skincare Products

Just like Korea, Japan is also quite known for its skincare and body care products. And in Donki’s online shop, you’d find a wide variety of it that would address your specific concerns. Some of the many products you can buy from the website include sheet masks, cleansers, creams, lotions, serums, and more. They even have gadgets like pore suctions, which you can try if you’ve always wondered if it’s actually effective in getting rid of that nasty sebum.

Price Range: JP¥100 (P44.57) – JP¥22000 (P9805.51)


Don Quijote also offers a variety of supplements depending on whatever it is you need. It has beauty and diet supplements, vitamins, and more, usually sold in packs of 120 tablets, which is good for a 60-day period.

Price Range: JP¥280 (P125) – JP¥4980 (P2228.98)

Colored Contact Lenses

If colored contact lenses are what you need, there’s a variety of them — all of different colors and brands — available on Donki. What they currently have on the site are dailies, which are good for a 10 or 30-day period, depending on the price you’re willing to pay.

Price Range: JP¥1600 (P713.13) – JP¥3790 (P1689.22)

Face Masks and Eye Masks

Now that we all can’t go out without a proper mask on, it’s not really a bad idea to stock up on masks for when we go out for essentials. Don Quijote sells masks of different sizes. as well as those that have aromas and “moisturizing” benefits. They also have eye masks, which, according to the site, feature a “sakura fragrance for a relaxing, steamy feeling around your eyes.”

Price Range: JP¥98 (P43.68) – JP¥1800 (P802.27)

Stationery Products

Japan is also quite known for its kawaii items and stationery products, so it’s only natural that the online shop would carry these items for the collectors out there. Right now, the shop only has pens, pencil cases, and erasers of different designs and themes, which are still worth adding to your stash.

Price Range: JP¥278 (P123.91) – JP¥1380 (P615.07)

Character Items for Kids and Babies

The country can also be quite big for its character items, and Don Quijote has a variety of them for babies and little kids! The shop has everything from Anpanman-themed learning chopsticks and straw cups to Mickey Mouse plates and aprons. For the kids at heart, they also have Pokemon towels and Sailor Moon lint rollers for those who just can’t get enough and want to show their love for these famous anime characters.

Price Range: JP¥158(P70.42) – JP¥1500 (P668.56)

Homestream images are from Don Quijote’s Facebook page and Ichiran’s official Instagram page.

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