Housekeeping Wizard: Worry-Free Home Cleaning and Decluttering Service in Manila

When was the last time you've thoroughly cleaned, decluttered, and sanitized your place?

It’s been a year since we’ve been staying at home. It’s no secret that cleaning has been a part of our routine but when was the last time you’ve thoroughly cleaned, decluttered, and sanitized your space? I’ve tried it and failed so I seek home cleaning services instead to do the job for me.

Trust me when I say that I’ve tried a number of home cleaning services in Metro Manila so it was refreshing to know Housekeeping Wizard offers decluttering as a part of their services. This is definitely something I’ve never seen in any of the cleaning services I’ve booked before.

Being in the industry for almost four years now, owner Vie Chanyongco has come up with a process and a systemized structure for cleaning, decluttering, and organizing different kinds of establishments. What sets them apart from other cleaning services is her family’s background in construction. They utilize their knowledge about the right chemicals to use for every nook and cranny of your home.

Before you get worried about your safety, the cleaners come in protective gear to protect both parties. The cleaners are trained aircraft company cleaners who lost their jobs when the Philippines went into lockdown. Housekeeping Wizard shared more knowledge on top of their experience in dealing with maintaining, polishing, and organizing. “For months we trained them to do quality work and to made sure their work ethics meet the company standards,” Vie Chanyongco.

They offer Basic, Premium, and Post-Construction Cleaning with rates starting at as low as P50/sqm only. Two of their most highly requested services are Post-Construction Cleaning and Decluttering/Organizing. The former because most of their clients know they have a background in construction and the latter because their housekeepers are highly trained for it.


Here is a before and after photo of my space:

To book a service, message them on Instagram or call 09667638688 or 09683676118.

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