Onitsuka Tiger Spring and Sumer 2021 Collection

Onitsuka Tiger Brings “The Onitsuka Tiger Attitude” in Its Spring & Summer 2021 Collection

Japanese fashion brand Onitsuka Tiger continues to present a contemporary collection that combines fashion with sports, and heritage with innovation.

In the Spring & Summer 2021 Collection, under the concept of “The Onitsuka Tiger Attitude”, not only the details of the products and the brand logo, but also each collection piece expresses the brand’s attitude.

This collection consists of four themes: “THE SAILING KITE”, “THE CLEAN LINES”, “THE VINTAGE IS NOW” and “THE WORKING PROGRESS”. The colors, cuts, and details of the products are inspired by the sails of a sailing ship that moves on the water with the movement of the wind. 

  • “THE SAILING KITE”: The design made of pieces of washer finish fabric sewn together with zig-zag stitching represents the sails of the sailing ship.
  • “THE CLEAN LINES”: The nylon twill piece is resilient, yet supple and shiny to the touch, providing a rich impression.
  • “THE VINTAGE IS NOW”: Inspired by vintage products of the past, the collection retains sporty elements, but fuses them with dresses, tops, and skirts for daily use.
  • “THE WORKING PROGRESS”: Using soft beige and white colors as a base, piping and tiered designs were added to sublimate the workwear into collection pieces.

For footwear, the latest models combining archival elements from Onitsuka Tiger’s past with contemporary designs are lined up. Inspired by archival shoes from the 1970s, the “ACROMOUNT” combines fabric and leather with a vintage feel. The “DENTIGRE MX” is born as a hybrid model that combines elements of the popular, long-selling models with the “DENTIGRE” released in the 2020 Autumn & Winter Collection. The “TAI-CHI-REB™️ SOCK MT” features the Onitsuka Tiger Stripes sewn into the upper to make it feel like it is one with the foot, while utilizing the slim form that is characteristic of tai chi shoes.

The color palette is made of highlight colors such as orange and sax blue, clean lines in solid black, and vintage colors like burgundy and turquoise, keeping the Onitsuka Tiger spirit intact and mixing it with contemporary pieces to offer fresh styles for all times.

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