FIRST LOOK: Korean Grocery No Brand Opens Its First Overseas Branch in the Philippines!

Located at Robinsons Galleria, this is also No Brand's first branch overseas!

Whether you've been to South Korea or are just updated with all things Korean, you'd probably have already heard of E-Mart and its sibling No Brand. These stores are known for being a place where people can go to get anything and everything that they need – from snacks to cosmetics and household products.

Just in time for the holidays, No Brand has finally opened its first branch here in the Philippines, so you won't have to go far to snag their affordable, yet high-quality goods. Located at Robinsons Galleria, this is also the brand's first-ever overseas branch, giving you the guarantee that you'll get first dibs on their products! 

No Brand, known for its signature yellow branding, takes pride in offering high-quality goods at a fraction of a price, compared to those you'll get in regular supermarkets. They believe that because of its trademark of having "no brand", customers can focus on the product itself and its quality, not the name of who produced it. 

We got a chance to have a first-look at the newly-opened store to give you a brief idea of all the things you can cop in time for your shopping trips! Check out some of our finds below:

No Brand is located at the second floor of Robinsons Galleria. You can check out their official Instagram page for updates and more information. 


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