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GUIDE: 2021 Planners and Journals and Where To Get Them

Did you find your go-to planner on this list?

It’s planner season once again! Although this year has been hard for most of us, we can still be hopeful that next year will be better and that we will be able to put our future planners into good use for 2021. If you’re now on the lookout for planners to have for the upcoming year, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s your guide to all the 2021 planners you’d definitely want to cop, and where to cop them:

[Note: This list is regularly being updated so be sure to bookmark it so you could check back for the complete list of planners and how to get them!]

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Starbucks released four Philippine-exclusive planner designs and journals. This includes a Starbucks Siren Planner, a Teavana Youthberry Planner, Starbucks Reserve Organizer, and a Frappuccino Organizer.

How to Claim: Coffee-lovers need to collect 18 stickers on their paper promo card or e-promo card to claim their choice of planner and journal for free. They can get a sticker buy purchasing a handcrafted drink of any size from any Starbucks branch in the Philippines. Just note that you can’t combine stickers from a paper promo card and an e-promo card when claiming them.


Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
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2021 Planner, The Giving Journal
Photo: Coffee Bean

To keep up with its yearly tradition, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has finally launched its 2021 Giving Journal. This year’s Giving Journal comes in three colors: Quartz Pink, Teal, and Purple. It also has customizable pages, making it the perfect companion for anyone who likes to have freedom to scribble and design their planners however they want.

How to Claim: Customers need to complete 12 holiday stamps. They also have the option to claim one of CBTL’s Limited Edition Holiday Tumblers by completing 18 holiday stamps.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Giving Journal is here!

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A planner made for you by you Our planners are plain and simple for easier customization based on how you work. It…

Posted by MUJI Philippines on Saturday, October 17, 2020

This minimalist planner from Muji is back again for 2021! Just like the ones from the previous years, this planner is as simple as it can be but has everything you need from one — from monthly spreads and weekly spreads to gridded pages where you can freely jot down your thoughts and to-do lists. Muji’s planner is priced at P495.

Where to Buy: Muji branches in Shangri-La Plaza East Wings / Power Plant Mall Rockwell / Bonifacio High Street at C1 / Greenbelt 3 / SM Mall of Asia

Belle De Jour Planners

Belle De Jour Planner
Photo: Belle De Jour

The 2021 BDJ Planner goes with the theme “Grow with the Earth.” It features monthly narratives and worksheets to help users stay focused, connected to themselves, and motivated on their goals. It comes with four different covers, depending on the design you prefer. It’s priced from P598 to P995, depending on the version you want.

Where to Buy: BDJ Website

All the Belle De Jour Planners To Check Out For 2021

2021 Navi Planner

2021 Navi Planner
Photo: Belle De Jour

This year’s Navi Planners is inspired by the lighthouses that bring a sense of safety for seafarers at sea. The planner aims to inspire its user to live in the now, becoming a “Planning Compass” that helps them make their way. Price at P598, it features monthly dividers and weekly spreads that guide the user to its journey for the year.

Where to Buy: BDJ Website

2021 Everything is Possible Journal

2021 Everything is Possible Planner
Photo: Belle De Jour

BDJ’s Everything is Possible Planner is the perfect planner for those who want to break down their goals, whether it’s for their relationship, their health, or career. It gives its user the space to write their goals, and let things happen from there. This is priced at P598.

Where to Buy: BDJ Website

2021 Essentials Planner

2021 Essentials Planner
Photo: Belle De Jour

For the ones who are into bullet journaling, the 2021 Essentials can be their new favorite companion for the year. With its minimalist design, its user has more space for their bullet journalling ideas, calendars, doodles, and more. It comes in two cover designs — plain and patterned — and is priced at P390.

Where to Buy: BDJ Website

Design Your Life Planner

Design Your Life Planner
Photo: Belle De Jour

CNS Design’s Design Your Planner is back again for the year! Just like every year, the planner features a colorful design to get people motivated for the entire year. It’s also complete with different tools and spreads to help them visualize the important aspects of their lives, from their lifestyle to finance. The planner, priced at P695, is now available for pre-order.

Where to Buy: CNS Design’s website

Where To Next Planner

Where to Next Planner
Photo: Where To Next / Facebook

The new Where to Next planner features different stories from people who are “trying to make sense of the in-between moments of their lives.” The best part about this particular planner is that it’s undated, so you can always start filling it out whenever you feel like it. The WTN planner is priced at P730, and a portion of the proceeds will be funding the livelihood project of Aeta communities in Yangil and Botolan, Zambales.

Where to Buy: Where To Next website

Papemelroti Pocket Planners

These 20-peso Pocket Planners from Papemelroti are made from recycled paper and come in different designs. These planners are perfect for those who like to bring their planners with them wherever they go, no matter how big or tiny their bags are. Because they’re also affordable, these planners also make the perfect gifts for those who want to be more organized in the coming year.

Where to Buy: Papemelroti

Midori Planner

Another planner that suits those who like something more minimalistic is the Midori Planner. It comes in two sizes — A5 and A6 — and features a monthly calendar, as well as a page dedicated to every day of the year. It’s a simple planner with a minimal design to stimulate the creativity of anyone using it. The A5 Planner costs P1995 while the A6 Planner costs P1295.

Where to Buy: Scribe

Hobonichi Techno Day-Free

Hobinichi Techno Day-Free Planner

The Hobonichi Techno Day-Free Planner is another good option for those who like their planners simple and fuss-free. It’s small in size, but it definitely has everything you’ll need from a planner — from the monthly calendar to gridded pages, giving users the freedom to customize and add to it whenever and however they want. It’s priced at P1795.

Where to Buy: Scribe

Jacinto & Lirio

Jacinto & Lirio offers journals and planners made from sustainable materials. For 2021, the brand offers its Artisan II which features a design that’s both modern and professional. The journal comes with a reversible two-fold flap, hand-stitched spine, and pockets or cards, papers, and money, something that’s good for those who want something multifunctional as well.

The brand also offers their Fiesta Traveler’s Notebook and the Alamat Vision Board for those who need a desk board planner.

Where to Buy: Online

Do you know of other 2021 planners? Let us know in the comments!

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