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Instagram Finds: Handcrafted Soaps by Sabon De Luna

The Story

Joanne Frances has always been a fan of both local and foreign brands of artisan soap, so it was no surprise that she learned and finally gave soap-making a try in 2018. At first, she only made the soaps for her household, with her mother selling some of the extras to her friends for a small price. Even though she earned enough money to sustain her hobby and her small business, she eventually had to drop this and go to Australia to study.

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It was when the pandemic happened that she went back home, and finally decided to start her own brand – Sabon De Luna. “We had the idea to finally brand the ‘nameless’ soap that my mothers’ co-workers and our family’s closest friends were patronizing and missing since I left. I started making soaps again and sold bars since May,” she shared.

The Specialty

Sabon De Luna takes pride in creating soaps that are organic and handcrafted. Since she uses all-natural ingredients for her soaps, her catalogue varies from time to time, depending on whatever’s in season. Her soaps also have fun and playful designs, inspired by a friend who makes soaps for her family.

When it comes to her favorite variants, Joanna answered “Bastille”, a soap that’s made with 70% olive oil and a small amount of coconut oil. This particular item is good for everyone (including children!) as it’s both cleansing and moisturizing.

Check out her items below:


Sabon De Luna/Instagram
Sabon De Luna's Handcrafted Soap
Sabon De Luna/Instagram
Sabon De Luna's Handcrafted Soap
Sabon De Luna/Instagram
Sabon De Luna's Handcrafted Soap
Sabon De Luna/Instagram

Price Range:

  • Bastille and Special Creations: P250
  • Castile (made upon request): P280

How to Order:

For orders and inquiries, you may check out Sabon De Luna’s Facebook and Instagram pages. They currently deliver through LBC or JRS, and payments can be done through online banking.

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