PhotoWorld Manila 2007

Hobbyists and professionals alike gather in Glorietta for PWM.
click here for the official website) will definitely catch your eye. After a panning view of the expo, it becomes clear that there are several millions of pesos floating around the exhibition space, some guarded by sliding glass doors (and lock-and-key), and some happily handed to anyone who’s interested in testing-out the different features of the latest camera models. There’s an image-capturing gadget, compact or gargantuan, for everyone at PWM.

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The Hasselblad SLR (single lens reflex) Ground Glass with Digital Back, which comes at the hefty pricetag of P841,00++, drew a crowd of curious onlookers and fascinated hobbyists, as the Hong Kong-based staff showed the magic of the 39 mega pixel camera. Hooked-up to an iBook, the raw file of a fashion editorial was cropped to contour a model’s eye. To our amazement, every crease around her eye, each eyeliner streak, even the mascara that coated each lash – all were clearly and crisply displayed on the monitor, which was reason enough for many women to run the other way at the thought of having every pore, line and crease magnified and displayed on the screen.



The Sony Alpha 100 Digital SLR was backed by local photographers, albeit in a replayed AVP, due to its trademarked Super Steadyshot Inside mechanism, which takes the sudden and inevitable shakes out of your pictures so that the LCD only reveals clear and sharp pictures each time the shutter is released. The 10.2 mega pixel camera can shoot 3 frames per second, has an anti-dust and self-cleaning system that ensures a dust-free CCD and ‘artifact-free’ imagery, and a long-life stamina battery that is said to ‘shoot the full day with one battery.’

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PhotoWorld isn’t just a trade-show. It’s also a chance to listen-in on tips and techniques – straight from the professionals themselves. Adjunct lectures at the Asian Institute of Management on Wedding Photography (by Hanson Fong), Travel Photography (by Noli Gabilo), and Portraiture (by Bert Behnke), to name a few, rounds-out the photo show and convention, appealing to both the creative and technical sides of the photographer’s eye. Click here for the PWM Lecture Schedule

Photoworld Manila 2007 is ongoing until Tuesday, February 6. PWM features the latest in photo equipment by all the major companies in the country and presents a line-up of renowned photographers to share their expertise with fellow photographers. The trade exhibit will be held at the Glorietta, the premiere shopping mall in Makati City. While the series of workshops will be held at the Asian Institute of Management.

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