Illusion Lens

Lomo-fy your photos in a snap without spending a fortune!

You’d never find me running around with a gargantuan camera dangling from my neck. Heck, I don’t even own a professional DSLR. And yep, none of those jazzy lenses, either.

But there’s no denying that I love photography. My partner? My compact and very reliable Lumix digital camera, which by the way I consider the most precious possession I have on Earth next to my dog. Call me ancient, but I just really think that above all else (read: camera units and special lenses) it’s really that “eye” and creativity that count the most. Expensive gadgets doesn’t really equate to good pictures.

Okay. Did I just make a lengthy explanation denying to myself the plain old truth that I’m… kuripot? Alright, I admit. I’d love to have a DSLR and a lomo cam and take those funky wide-angled photos, but I refuse to cash out. Both cost and arm and a leg, and hey, I only have a pair of each! The economy (my personal economy included) is undergoing a recession and honestly, do I really need to prioritize these?

No. Not at all. So just imagine the utmost glee I felt when I finally found my budget-friendly answer to my fish-eye cravings: the Illusion Lens.

Cute and colorful key chains? Sure. But these button-sized playthings could actually do so much wonder to your photos.


Illusion Lens
Why pay thousands when you can get the same results for 200 Pesos? Entrepreneur Eryleen So has some good news for all photography aficionados out there.

It was just earlier this year when Eryleen So, a young entrepreneur saw the potential of the Illusion Lens to become a craze in this trigger happy infested country of ours. In her words, “why would you pay thousands for something you could get cheaply with the same results?” Right you are!

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Illusion lens are tiny special plastic lenses you could stick on the rim of the lenses of either your basic point-and-shoot camera or your cellphone camera. With a simple stick and click, you can turn your cameras into artsy, lomo-esque ones!

To date, she has five lens variants of the products available in the Philippine market: Wide Angle/Fish Eye, Vignette, Starburst, 3 Image Mirage, and 6 Image Mirage. Each Illusion Lens costs only P200 — way, way cheaper than buying yourself a lomo cam.

Wide Angle/Fish Eye

Fish eye is undeniably and unsurprisingly the best seller. This effect is generally good to distort close-up objects as well as landscapes with horizontal and vertical lines.


Starburst is my personal favorite. I love how it seemingly zooms in the focus of the photo.


Vignettes are good in adding drama to the picture. It’s pretty much like Starburst only this time, the background blurs diagonally.

3 Image Mirage

The 3 and 6 Image Mirage distorts your photos just like how a kaleidoscope does. You can actually adjust the lens just like a normal kaleidoscope and using this while your cam is in video mode makes your clips more interesting.

6 Image Mirage

As its size suggests, it doesn’t really require so much from you for you to operate it. Simply twist its cap and properly position the sticky part to the rim of your lens. Don’t worry, it will not leave your cameras sticky at all. The adhesive was proven to last 500 sticks and once it loses it cling, you can just wash it with soap and water.

Convinced enough? I hope so. I love this product! As to where can this be bought, it is now available at different branches of Hobbes and Landes and Compex stores. Within this month, it will also be distributed in National Bookstore, Powerbooks, and Fully Booked outlets. Canon also includes this for free for every Powershot camera purchase you make, only until their supplies last.

I have all five Illusion Lenses and I can’t wait for the next batch of lenses Eryleen would be importing! According to her, the next batch includes Polarized, Starry, Soft Blur, and Tinted Lenses. Polarized effect for P200? Now that is worth waiting for.

With Illusion Lens, I now have another reason to delay my scouting for lenses and lomo cams. With these plus my handy digicam, I really don’t see the need to shell out my savings for another unit.

Oh my. Here I am again justifying my being kuripot. Anyway, happy clicking everyone!

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