Kuysen Kitchen Lets You Live The Dream

With 30 years of excellence in the industry, Kuysen is a powerhouse of brands that perfectly speak your language in terms of quality, luxury, and functionality.

Think about your dream kitchen. Do you prefer aesthetic with functionality that fits your personality? As one committed to inspire creativity and deliver solutions, Kuysen promises to give that and more. With 30 years of excellence in the industry, Kuysen is a powerhouse of brands that perfectly speak your language in terms of quality, luxury, and functionality.

Jensen Go, President of Kuysen, delivering his welcoming remarks to guests

On June 18, Kuysen launched German Kitchen brands known for their long-standing heritage, craftsmanship and innovation– Poggenpohl and Küppersbusch. These brands combine the industrial heritage of a solid origin with timeless design and stylish individuality. Guests took time around the showroom to personally feel the custom-made cabinets from Poggenpohl and the easy controls of Kuppersbusch appliances. Jensen Go, the President of Kuysen, welcomed the guests at the start of the program and gave a speech on the company's new venture.

Kuysen Sales Manager Peter Sideno explaining the features of Kuppersbusch to Raymond and Rom Ronquillo

Sherwin Tubang, Poggenpohl Sales Manager, explaining the features of Kuppersbusch gas hobs to Chinky Remulla Shah


A private dinner was held at the 4th floor of the showroom, where a complete kitchen spread can be found. Guests had the privilege of enjoying a gourmet meal that was expertly demonstrated by distinguished chef and [Savage and Helm] restaurant owner Josh Boutwood. Chef Boutwood is an award-winning chef that has won more than 20 medals, along with the title of Best Chef at the Philippine Culinary Cup for two years. He purposefully curated each course to stimulate the five senses. In his live demo, Josh Boutwood expressed his appreciation for Kuppersbusch’s Okotherm technology and tough ceramic glass for induction hobs. He also developed a liking for Poggenpohl’s sleek design and soft-close drawers.

Josh Boutwood using the Kuppersbusch steam oven to prep the sourdough bread

The steam oven was first used to create their signature sourdough bread, which Chef Josh then used to cook rice paired with flank steak. The okotherm technology, which helps bring back moisture to the food, helped the sourdough achieve its crisp exterior. He even used the lava stone grill to create the octopus and flank steak. Each dish was accomplished without a hitch due to its superb ergonomics.

Joni Koro, Camille Co, Laureen Uy, Miggy Cruz, Nino Gaddi, Vince Uy, Chef Jonas Ng, and Milla Poblete enjoys the intimate dinner experience.

Guests such as Lifestyle Influencers Laureen Uy and Camille Co got to see each course come to life through the Kuysen Kitchen experience. Every dish was demonstrated and served directly to their tables afterwards. After each delightful meal, everyone got to bring home a limited edition Kuysen Kitchen apron made of denim and leather accents. A perfect token to the unique experience that only Kuysen Kitchen offers.



Poggenpohl was established in 1892 and is the first German kitchen brand. Its creator, Friedemir Poggenhpohl, had one purpose in mind––to “improve the kitchen”. Poggenpohl is an expert in craftmanship, extending to even the slightest details of corners, finishes, and mechanisms. Their custom made kitchen cabinets will reinvent your kitchen into a living space where you can cook and entertain guests. The kitchen is no longer just a kitchen; it has become a dynamic space that allows everyone in the family to enjoy it. The brand speaks a universal design language that’ll seamlessly bring your home together. The finish is not like any other; Poggenpohl boasts a remarkable depth of shine which bounces off the surface to communicate perfection. Each product is built to last.

Soft-close feature of Poggenpohl’s kitchen drawers



Bring out your inner chef with the wide array of kitchen appliances from Kuppersbusch, Teka, and Foster that will help you combine all the functionality and design you’ll need to suit your needs. With Kuppersbusch, you don’t just cook––you design too! Mix and match every detail of the appliance according to your aesthetic needs. Kuppersbusch is a German brand founded in 1875, making it the pioneer in cooking technology. The brand advocates healthy living through its cooking methods and ability to convert odors caused by cooking into clean air. The fan inside not only filters grease, but odor as well. It has a patented technology called okotherm that cleans the air inside the oven, thus lessening the grease and grime after each use. The quality of food is never dry since it has the ability to bring back the moisture lost during the cooking process. Apart from healthy living, Kuppersbusch also pushes for sustainable living. The machine’s catalytic process produces heat, which makes the appliance energy efficient. Another unique aspect is its PlamaMade Filter that is used for recirculation in cooker hoods. This tech is guaranteed to perform for 12 years without maintenance. This filter gets rid of bacteria and viruses, paving the way for clean air.

Kuppersbusch gas hob made of full steel with cast iron pan supports
Chef Josh Boutwood demonstrating the easy functions and controls of the Kuppersbusch Combi-Microwave Oven.

After eating, you’d think about getting to the tedious part––which is cleaning. Most ovens use pyrolytic cleaning which heats up the oven to burn off any dirt, but this consumes a lot of energy. Teka is a German brand that began in 1924; with its Hydroclean, you don’t have to worry about getting those tough crusts out. It offers a HydronClean cleaning system that uses water to soften the dirt which then can be simply wiped off––saves you a lot of electrical and physical energy!

Foster is an Italian brand founded in 1973 that manufactures appliances that are sensitive to environmental protection and technological development. Its latest gas hobs are equipped with high efficiency burners that reduce the consumption of gas by up to 25% without compromising power! The brand aims to reduce its energy footprint, which is why the same concept applies to its rangehoods, ovens, and refrigerators. Its exclusive steel finishings allow ease of cleaning and sleek designs.



A dream kitchen should never lack an A class sink; one that can withstand stains and scratches that develop through time. Elleci introduces their patented GPS (Granitek Production System) which sets the bar high in the production of sinks––a true picture of Italian excellence. It uses a dynamic rotation technique which evenly distributes the moulds. This in turn produces an easy to clean surface and durable sink which can withstand thermal shocks, impacts, and scratches. One of the leading sink brands in the industry includes Teka. Its vast product range includes European and American specifications such as single and double bowl, presence or absence of drains, and corner sink models. No doubt you’ll find something for your taste! Even Hansgrohe, a German brand established in 1901, has sinks that consider your every need. They have aesthetically pleasing and functional sinks in the traditional hand-welded steel and granite finishes. The brand has sinks with draining boards and double sinks, which can be surface-mounted or under-mounted.



To complete your dream kitchen, you’ll also be needing a smart faucet from Hansgrohe that allows you to adjust the water temperature and volume. Also be at ease with the hassle free SELECT technology which allows you to change faucet modes and turn it on with a touch of button. You can enjoy a wider reach with the hand spray that you can conveniently pull out to target areas you want. Fill up large pots with the ease that the swivel spout provides. Now you’ll be able to maximize your time in the kitchen!

Remarkable, isn’t it? Which is why Kuysen invites you to witness everything come to life in the palm of your hand at the Kuysen Design + Experience Center found in Jupiter, Makati. Feel free to try out any of our fully functioning kitchens! Come and feel for yourself.


Let today be the fulfillment of the kitchen of your dreams; a feat which is now not far from reality. Have your way at Kuysen and be the catalyst for unparalleled excellence in your home.


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