Christmas Shopping Discoveries in Dapitan

Find all things Christmas and more in Dapitan Arcade.

The days are shorter, the nights are longer, and there’s a certain chill in the air. It could only mean one thing—Christmas is coming. The Philippines is known for having the longest Christmas celebration and it would not come as a surprise to hear Christmas carols on the radio and see people begin to bring out their holiday décors at the onset of the ‘-ber’ months.

Being the practical person I am, I do my best every year to start my Christmas shopping early so I can avoid the holiday rush and crowd. Aside from going to the usual mall, I scout for other nice shopping haunts in the hope of coming across good buys. Recently, my sisters, my mom, and I decided to check out Dapitan where one can find all things Christmas and more.

A throng of shoppers

A treasure trove of holiday décor

You’ll know you’re in Dapitan Street already when you see a row of stalls with Christmas goodies on display. It is the perfect place to purchase Santa Claus figurines, Christmas tree ornaments, Capiz shell lanterns, and other festive decorations. You’ll find all of these along the street stalls and inside the Dapitan Arcade.

Dapitan Arcade

Colorful lanterns (P2,000 each)

An entire row of Christmas ornaments

Although it is mid-November already, it is not too late to start adorning your house with Christmas décors or add more to it. When we went there, we didn’t expect that we’ll buy so much, but we fell in love with the cool items and their affordable prices. My sister was able to purchase a three-foot Santa figurine for P2,400. It is of good quality, lightweight, and it comes in other designs and sizes. There’s a cute Santa on a parachute, a Santa going up a ladder, a life-size Santa, and other creative concepts. I’m pretty sure there’s one that will suit your style and budget.


Santa Claus has come to this side of town

Up, up and away!

Street stalls near Dapitan Park

We saw even more eye-catching goodies when we went inside the Dapitan Arcade. There’s a stall that has a whole wall of miniature houses on display and I could just imagine how it would look like if everything were lighted, but at that time, only one was and it was still pretty.

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A community of miniature houses (P350+ each)

Up close with a miniature house

As we walked along, we discovered that there were several stores that had holiday-inspired houseware items like plates, trays, mugs, cups and saucers, spice containers, and other nice pieces that would definitely bring more cheer to your home.

Christmas plates (P100+ each)

Holiday houseware on display

Eco-friendly Christmas ornaments

There were also plenty of Christmas tree ornaments that come in all kinds of designs and figures. Some were made out of eco-friendly products like straw and twine, others came in colorful metallic designs. You’re sure to find something there whatever you holiday theme may be.

More than just Christmas goods

Although Dapitan is known for offering all kinds of holiday products, it also has regular items that you can buy in retail or wholesale. Usually, you can avail of a bigger discount when you buy in bulk. I suggest you go shopping with somebody so you can buy together and get more bang for your buck. My sisters and I used this approach when we decided to shop for gifts there.

Great gift ideas

We came across a couple of stores that sold things like jewelry boxes, watch cases, tissue holders, wine holder, pen holder, picture frames, and more. Faux leather prints envelope each item, which gave it a sleek and simple look. I remember seeing similar stuff in a high-end mall store but with steep prices. In Dapitan, we were able to get a two-tiered jewelry box for P550 and an eight-compartment watch case for a mere P450. The smaller jewelry boxes start at P200+, the frames are P200, and the wine holders are P180.

Furniture or jewelry cases

But there was one shop that particularly stood out for me. It displayed a lot of girly items such as accessory holders that were shaped like dressed-up mini mannequins and pretty miniature shoes. Any lady who is into fancy jewelry and the like would love this. The mini mannequins can hold about six bracelets or necklaces, while the miniature shoes have slots for seven rings or earrings. There’s also a set of jewelry cases that were disguised as tiny furniture pieces—sofa, bed and its variations. All four pieces were made with pink velvet fabric and some have black velvet material, while a couple had sequined accents. We bought some to give away to our goddaughters. The same store also sold trinkets like magnets that come in different designs, bag tags, and pens, among others.

Cute accessory holders

It’s a girl thing!

All sorts of lamps

We also passed by another stall that offers home décor like mirrors and lamps. The gold sun-shaped mirror (P2,500) caught our eye, as well as the other pieces surrounding it. These items would definitely give more character to any home. Since we didn’t really need another mirror, we opted to get a four-foot tall floor lamp that’s made with wood and canvas cloth. The pattern of the wood was similar to the Capiz shell windows of old houses. It looked very simple yet classy. We decided to buy one to give as a gift to our relatives.

Artistic home accents

Beautiful gilted mirrors

Overall, I think we had a very successful day of gift hunting. If you plan to do some Christmas shopping there, make sure you wear comfortable clothes, as it can get hot inside the Dapitan Arcade. Also, bring enough cash with you since this is the usual mode of payment in the stores. Happy shopping!

Dapitan Arcade is located at Kanlaon Street corner Dapitan Street, Quezon City. You can park along the streets or at the parking spaces of the nearby buildings.

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