Fruits in Bloom

Replace the age-old tradition of sending your Valentine flowers by giving them a gourmet fruit arrangement instead.

Giving that special someone in your life flowers is one of the most popular rituals, especially on Valentines Day. Fruits in Bloom offers you a tasty alternative. Their edible fruit arrangements are appropriate for almost every occasion and even more perfect for Valentines Day.

The idea of producing these beautiful fruit arrangements sprouted from the minds of three young Filipino entrepreneurs, having seen similar concepts in other countries, they decided to bring it to Metro Manila. They came up with an alternative to the typical flower arrangements we can find everywhere. The fruit arrangements are beautiful, fresh, delicious, and the best part is … you can eat it!

What sets Fruits in Bloom apart from their competitors is the fact that their elaborate arrangements taste as good as they look. Rest assured that their fruits are of the best quality and are delivered fresh. They are strict with their hygienic practices as well.

The company’s designing partner is based in Singapore and her designs come to life through the use of some of the most cutting edge technology. They currently have set designs readily available for almost every occasion but you can always have your arrangements customized to your needs. In fact, they are very much inspired by their clients’ requests.

“I’m Sorry”

Aside from giving it as a Valentines gift, they have arrangements for every special occasion. It is ideal present for when you would like to wish someone “Get well soon!” when they’re sick, “Congratulations!” when a baby is born or when they achieve something great, “Happy Anniversary!” when an anniversary is being celebrated, and “Happy Birthday!” on their birthday. They are also great give aways for either birthdays or corporate events, and are suitable as wedding table centerpieces. I was told that someone even placed an order for a bachelorette party. The way I see it, they are great alternatives to flowers, therefore they can be used in any affair that you would use flowers.


I was lucky enough to receive an arrangement from them – The Flower Power (P850). Not only was it very pretty, it also tasted good! The sliced apples were still white and coated with the perfect amount of chocolate, the pineapples were sweet, and the orange wedges were refreshing.

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The Flower Power

True story: Just recently, a friend of mine who is based in the States asked a friend and I to send his girlfriend a flower arrangement. She just graduated and he wanted to congratulate her. Having just visited Fruits in Bloom, I suggested that he try something different and send her a fruit arrangement. We sent him the link to the site and he immediately agreed to the idea. She received the Strawberry Bliss (P1,650). She was so happy to have received it; she even said that it was too beautiful to eat. Although, she eventually enjoyed devouring it!

For a detailed list of all their current arrangements with prices, visit their website ( You will find their shop at the ground floor of the Frabella Building, 109 Rada Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City. Order by giving them a call at 812-0380. You may either pick up your arrangement, or have it delivered.

In the lieu of Valentines, show your special someone how much they mean to you by giving them something different, an exquisite arrangement of gourmet fruits from Fruits in Bloom.

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