Zac Efron for Penshoppe: The Start Of Something New

Penshoppe creates a world record by being the first clothing endorsement of Zac Efron. Check out the highlights of his Fan Conference here!

This year, Penshoppe has created a world record by being the very first clothing endorsement of Hollywood actor Zac Efron, beating American and international clothing brands.

“It has been a wonderful year for us, and thanks to all your support, we have been able to bring all of the stars that we have signed on to this country,” shares brand director Alex Mendoza at last Saturday’s Penshoppe Fan Conference 2012 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Efron joins the All Star lineup of Penshoppe ambassadors Mario Maurer, Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester, and Ian Somerhalder.

Drawing in over ten thousand fans inside the Arena, Zac Efron was definitely rockstar staus that night. The decibel levels of screams reached sky high upon his first appearance on the stage.

Zac wore the now iconic Penshoppe black leather jacket, paired with khaki pants and a faded gray tee. He looked great; with that megawatt smile of his, extra stunning. Heck, who are we kidding here? Zac Efron could be wearing a trash bag and still win our hearts. The special thing about that moment is that he was there for everyone, proudly declaring his love for a Filipino brand. He would later mention that what made him choose Penshoppe is that it’s for and made in the Philippines. Now isn’t that a proud moment for Penshoppe, his fans, and for the country?


Here are some highlights during his interview onstage with Boy Abunda:

Your favorite (Filipino) food now?


How was that vacation in Bicol?
It was unbelievable. The Filipino people are so nice! You guys are awesome. You make me feel so at home I just wanna move here.

The naughtiest thing you did as a kid?
I was a prankster when I was a kid… I used to toilet paper houses.

Has your type of girl changed through the years?

I think she’s Pinoy… [cue screams from fans] She might be out here somewhere… [even louder screams]

At 24 (he turns 25 on October 18), are you already thinking about getting married?

Yeah, maybe my wife’s in here somewhere…[more screams from the girls] I think I see a sign right here that says ‘Will you marry me?’ Yep, I’m thinking about marriage.

How do you handle fame?

It’s awesome, you guys rule! I love being up here… It’s taught me to really appreciate my family above all things. I love my work, but the most important thing in the world is your fans. That’s why it’s so nice to be able to come here and meet you guys. You’re the only good thing about fame, all of you. You put a smile on my face every time, every time I see you.

Describe Zac Efron in three words.

I can do it in four. “I love the Philippines.”

On Penshoppe being his first clothing endorsement:

I’ve never done an endorsement deal before; I didn’t really know what it entailed. But the good part about Penshoppe for me was that first and foremost they’re a Filipino brand, you know? For the Philippines, by the Philippines.

How do you find the Penshoppe clothes?
I love the Penshoppe clothes. I love the people that wear the Penshoppe clothes.

Love or career?


Sweet or spicy?


Kiss or hug?


After a final walk around the stage, and meeting some lucky fans that won meet & greet passes (lucky ones that got to hug him!), Zac Efron waves goodbye. He is looking forward to his next visit here. “Thank you Philippines! I want to come back soon,” he says. And as for Penshoppe, they’re already giving fans something to think about next year. “Are you ready for NEXT?” they teased on Twitter. This is surely the start of something new!

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