Have a Sustainable Christmas Season with Shark Bottle!

Thirst who? Hydration is key!

Today, everyone is taking extra precautions in avoidance to create trash on the daily due to the current state of our environment. One precaution grew very popular worldwide and has everyone buying at the speed of light: insulated water jugs or bottles. Though it's always been there, it managed to have higher demand this year because no one wants to risk and buy one-use water bottles just to be thrown and add on to the pollution. Nowadays, it's normal to spot someone with an insulated jug at work or at school.

If you're someone or know anyone who's interested to invest in a sustainable bottle and save our planet, Shark Bottles are bound to be a great choice! Whether it's for yourself or a close friend this upcoming Christmas season!

But first, why choose them? Here are some reasons why.

1. Shark Insulation Technology

These bottles are also BPA-free, made of stainless steel, and double-walled. The brand follows the idea of "Shark Bottles keep the temperature of your drinks", using a silver coating on the inner layer of the bottle that swerves any contact with radiation towards the temperature.


There is also a vacuum within those walls to maintain the heat or cold temperatures and a thick glass barrier to hinder any heat or cold to go inside or out. Shark cups and tumblers can last for 8 hours hot and 16 hours for cold drinks, then Shark Bottles can last for up to 12 hours hot and 24 hours cold.

2. Durability

Break no sweat nor leak with this one! With high quality materials used to make one of these, it can go through any rough road you may face.

3. Shape and Size

They make sure to please to the personal preferences of everyone. They range from cups, tumblers and bottles, with sizes of 350ml to 1900ml. 

4. You can personalize it!

Shark Bottle has the "Our Label is You" Experience. Everyone has their own aesthetic and definitely would want something deeply identical and unique to their life. With that freedom of expression, the brand also partnered up with Trend Article Lifestyles to make it feel more real! 

Sidenote: no stickers are used. Rest assured you'll get stable designs.

Now the reasons have been listed, what are some best-selling options can you choose from?

1. Shark Cups (Php 850)

Image Source: Shark Bottle

2. Stingray Bottles (Php 1050)

Image Source: Shark Bottle

3. The Puffer (Php 1050)

L-R: Whipped Cream, Teal Green, and Apricot (Image Source: Shark Bottle)

Taking an important step like this is equivalent to much better and longer lifestyle for ourselves and our loved ones. 

If you're interested to purchase one, you can shop Shark Bottle at their website or through Facebook (Shark Bottle). If interested for design inspiration, take a look at their Instagram (sharkbottle). If you want to give corporate orders, email them at corporate@sharkbottle.com.

Live life for the better, not bitter.

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