Here are the Perfect Christmas Gifts to Give Your Favorite Tita

Still haven’t decided on what to give your tita this Christmas? This holiday gift guide made by a tita (from Laguna) will make it easier for you.

Ever since I was able to afford to give gifts for Christmas, I’ve always been a bit analytical about it. I’d buy something that would be useful for the person I’m giving it to because it warms my heart whenever I see them use the gift that I gave. That or something really fun and delicious. I remember a few years ago, I went to the grocery and bought packs of Chips Ahoy! to give to my friends for Christmas and they loved it. I can say that I’m more of a gift giver than a receiver; I really don’t expect presents for Christmas. But hey, who doesn’t like a good gift?

I’m at that age (I just turned 40 this year) wherein I’d rather receive cash so I can buy things that are useful to me or pay my bills. However, since that can’t always be the case, as a certified tita and a columnist for this website, I’ll be using this outlet to publicly post my Tita Gift Wishlist that I would have a blast receiving and that my co-titas would too. So, if you still don’t have an idea what to give your dearest auntie, here are a few things that she might appreciate gift wrapped and all.

1. Gift Certificate / Class Pass

If you know your tita very well, you’d know that she’d either like her pricey coffee, medium rare steak, sweating it out in spin class, or meditating while doing hot yoga. Give her the gift of enjoying her hobby, dining in her favorite restaurant, or shopping in her go-to brand outlet and it’s all on you. She’d give you a really tight hug for this. I swear!


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  • Uniqlo Gift Check (@uniqlophofficial)
  • Pilates at ONELIFE Studio (@onelifestudio)
  • Yoga at Bliss Yoga Manila (@blissyogamanila)
  • Spin class at Ride Revolution (@riderevolution)
  • Steak at Mamou (@mymamou)

2. Tita Tote

As a tita, I carry a lot of “essentials” whenever I leave the house. Tiny, cute bags that won’t fit my umbrella doesn’t work for me. I don’t do backpacks anymore except when I use it to carry my things for a weekend at the beach. Your tita will love a tote that would fit her belongings that make her life easier when she’s outside the confines of her house. The greater the number of compartments, the bigger her smile would be.


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  • Katre’s City Tote (@katrehq)
  • Kipling’s Art Tote (@kiplingphils)
  • Big Bag Wolf’s Lumina (
  • Tali Handmade’s Margarita Tote (@talihandmade)

3. Spa / Beauty Treatment

A day at the spa or salon does a tita really good. You probably have a busy tita who’s so hard-working that she doesn’t have the time to pamper herself. Do her a favor by treating her to a much-needed massage, facial, or hair keratin. If you have the time, join her and treat yourself as well.


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  • A massage at The Spa (@thespawellness)
  • Hand and Feet care at Nail Tropics (@nailtropics)
  • Eyelash extensions at Ayumi Eyelash (@ayumi.eyelash)
  • Hair cut and treatment at Salon Privat by Jing Monis (@salonprivatbyjingmonis)

4. A Plant

What better way to give your tita but with the gift of life and at the same time beautification by giving her a plant. It’s a tricky thing to take care of a house plant but it can get very addicting once you’ve earned your green thumb. Plants make anyone’s house feel so lush and inviting.


  • Buy a Monstera adansonii plant at Terrace House PH (@terracehouse_ph)
  • Buy a Snake plant at Plant Parenthood PH (@plantparenthoodph)
  • Get a Hoya Kerri Variegated at Plant Express PH (@plantexpressph)
  • Get a Satin Pothos at Happy Plant (@happyplantco)

5. Organic, Cruelty and Earth-Friendly Everything

Do your part in saving our planet by gifting your favorite aunt products that doesn’t harm Mother Earth. There are already a ton of locally made products from make-up to toiletries that are 100% cruelty free, 0% chemicals, and biodegradable.


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  • Face serum and toners from Zero Basics (@zerobasicsph)
  • Tint palate from Radioactive Mushrooms (@radioactivemushroomsitf)
  • Hair care essentials from Beach Born (@beachbornph)
  • Insulated tumbler from Klean Kanteen (@kleankanteen_ph)
  • Oils and balms from Amara Oils (@amaraoilsph)

6. Handheld Rechargeable Fan

The downside of living in a tropical country is that even if you just had a bath, you’ll sweat fast. Instead of giving your cool aunt a pamaypay, give her a handheld rechargeable fan instead that she can always bring with her in her tita tote. That thing is such a joy to have! I really want one for myself *hint, hint*.


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Suggestions where to buy:

  • Miniso
  • Iwata
  • Lazada

7. Powerbank

With her constant playing of Homescape, Gardenscape, and Candy Crush on her phone, it’s not even after lunch yet, her mobile is drained. Save your tita the agony of looking for a charging port and gift her a powerbank so she can continue creating beautiful gardens or renovate parts houses in her phone.


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  • Baseus
  • Joyroom

         *both available in Lazada and Beyond the Box

8. Scarves

Scarves are such lifesavers whenever I travel nowadays. Especially around the Ber months when it gets cold at night. As much as I would like to bring a jacket all the time, it tends to be difficult to carry since it’s bulky. Luckily for scarves, they’re so compact that you can keep it inside your bag or tie it on your bag’s strap. It’s fast being one of my tita essentials.



  • Jim Weaver Designs (@jimweaverdesigns)
  • Scarves by Yarda (@shop.yarda)
  • Strange Mercy (@_strangemercy)

Whatever it is that you’re giving your tita this holiday season, I’m sure she’s going to love it because it came from you, a family member who truly cares for her a lot. I’ve asked a few of my co-tita friends what they want for Christmas, and here’s what they have to say:

Anne Poblador (CEO of Amplified Entertainment):

An ultimate beauty and spa package so I can de-stress and recharge for the coming new year.

Manila Santos (journalist):

An air fryer, a really automatic umbrella made in Japan, and those super comfy orthodontic shoes. At this point in my life, I seem to favor quality and usability over aesthetic concerns. I get excited over gifts I know I'll be using over and over again simply because I like it and I really need it for everyday life.

Max Eigenmann (award-winning actress):

I want a hand-held blender. I love to cook and I especially love making different kinds of soup. But even as a mom, I'm still a child at heart who likes to play with her toys, except this time my toys are kitchen appliances.

Chen Cornelio (promotions manager):

Gusto ko ng spin scrubber kasi gusto ko malinis yung banyo ko. Yung grout dapat maputi because I can’t take yucky banyo.


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