Wish You Were Mine: 7 Gym Essentials For Beginners

Carry the basics of fitness with you whenever you go to the gym, here are the essentials you need for a fun and more productive workout.

So you want to start working out but don't know where to start? We've got you covered! Carry the basics of fitness with you whenever you go to the gym, here are the essentials you need for a fun and more productive workout:

1. A gym bag

Why buy it: Just the perfect size to fit in all your gym essentials – even bulky shoes! It has a zippered main compartment that opens wide for easy packing and its shoulder strap is adjustable so you can wear it at any length you like. What's notable is it has a lifetime warranty so it's built to last! 

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2. Fitness gloves

Why buy it: Avoid those calluses from lifting weights! It's made of premium quality leather and has quality stitching with padded palms for comfort and grip. It also has wrist wraps for the perfect level of support. Whether you're into CrossFit, weightlifting, powerlifting or other sports activities, every workout will be a breeze.

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3. A fitness tracker

Why buy it: Make every workout count! Besides accurately monitoring your heart rate, you can also track your workouts, check your number of steps, the distance you covered, the calories you burned and the flights of stairs you climbed. It has an OLED display where you can check the time, your stats and call notifications. 

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4. A fruit-infused water bottle

Why buy it: An eco-friendly water bottle that allows you to take delicious, nutrient-rich, fruit-infused water to go. It has a freezable base piece that helps keep your fruit cool and a strainer middle piece the separates the fruits away from the mouthpiece. And it's just easy to use! Just add fruit to the lower chamber, assemble the bottle and add water.

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5. No slip socks

Why buy it: It offers a slip-resistant performance for when you're doing Yoga or Pilates. You wouldn't even need to invest in mats anymore to get into those difficult poses with the non-slip feature of it. Bonus points for being extremely comfortable and reducing your exposure to any fungal infection!  

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6. Heat belt

Why buy it: Lose those extra inches! This belt heats up your core area making you sweat more while performing your usual exercise. It helps in burning those stubborn tummy fats, slimming your abdomen and waist.

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7. Bluetooth headphones

Why buy it: Music is incredibly motivating especially when you're playing your jam. Run that extra mile without those annoying wires! It also has flexible ear hooks that stay in place no matter how strenuous your exercise is. 

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