Love Pink? Here Are 8 Workspace Items You Can Now Order Online

To help you create your dream workspace, we've rounded up pink things that will give your home office a dash of pretty!

As we continue to work from our homes, it is only normal that we also get the urge to spruce up our personal workspaces. Some would prefer a minimalist look dominated by white and beige colors, others want to recreate that office feel with blacks or rustic browns, while some of us just want to express ourselves through our favorite hues. If you fit right into the last one, and you are obsessed with the color pink, we feel you! To help you create your dream workspace, we’ve rounded up pink things that will give your home office a dash of pretty!

Desktop Table from XCGAME

If you’re planning to begin with a desktop, this table from XCGAME is worth checking out. It has a sturdy build, with ample space for your PC, and of course, it has an eye-catching pink color to give your workspace that positive vibe.

Order it here (P2,899).

Photo: XCGAME on Lazada

Desk Lamp from Auyo

Your desk would also need a lamp of its own, especially when you often find yourself working late at night. This lamp from Auyo has three brightness levels to suit your preference and an adjustable body with its 360-degree flexible hose.

Order it here (P422).


Photo: Auyo on Lazada

Desk Fan from TYLEX

Keep your cool while busy with this mini fan from TYLEX! It is space-saving and light, weighing only 311 grams, and its miniature look will also complement the nice aesthetic of your workspace!

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Order it here (P379).

Photo: TYLEX on Lazada

Rotating Pen Holder from Fityle

Organizing your workspace is easier with this pen holder from Fityle. The pen holder rotates so you can easily access the pens and other items you need, plus its chic design will also fit right into your pretty pink workspace!

Order it here (P333).

Photo: Fityle on Lazada

Pea Cable Organizer from Fityle

With all the gadgets that we’re using for work and communication, some of the persistent clutter we need to deal with on our workspaces are the wires and cables that connect to these gadgets. To combat such clutter, use these small and nifty cable organizers from Fityle, available in green, blue, and your favorite pink!

Order it here (P88).

Photo: Fityle on Lazada

Ditoo Plus Pixel Speaker from Divoom

Here’s a desk gadget that’s a bit pricey, but has multiple functions that can make the price worth it. The Ditoo Plus Pixel is a speaker, alarm clock, and so much more. Plus, with its retro look and pixel screen that’s customizable via the Divoom app, it is also a very eye-catching piece for your workspace.

Order it here (P3,485).

Photo: Divoom on Lazada

Mini Vacuum Cleaner from Baseus

Here’s another item to keep your workspace tidy. This compact and portable vacuum helps in collecting the dust, crumbs, and other small litter that have gathered on your desk and gadgets.

Order it here (P549).

Photo: Baseus on Lazada

Mini Waste Bin from JYKUY

If the mini vacuum from Baseus can get rid of small dirt, this item will take care of the bigger ones like your crumpled paper and tissues. This small waste bin can sit on your desktop and not take up too much space so you can get rid of your trash easily!

Order it here (P151).

Photo: Ecocoku on Lazada

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