10 Ikea Philippines Finds Under P1,000 That You Can Add-To-Cart Right Now

Are your wallets ready to checkout these items?

Throughout the years, the Swedish brand Ikea has gotten so popular all over the world not only for its ~aesthetic~ but also for its price and functionality. After years of waiting, the Philippines is finally opening its first Ikea store, which is also set to be the biggest one in the world.

While waiting for the physical store to open, the Swedish brand has opened its e-commerce site, making hundreds and hundreds of furniture and home items available for Filipino customers. The catch, though, is that the website is still on a “drill” and can only accommodate a limited number of checkouts in a day. Still, those who are on the lookout for must-buy items can still check out Ikea’s catalog, add items to their shopping lists and carts, so they can check them out as soon as possible!

Wondering which items to add to your cart? We’re giving you a rundown of 10 items below P1,000 that you can buy right now if you’re reorganizing and revamping your spaces:

FORSÅ Work Lamp

FORSÅ Work Lamp - Ikea

For a work lamp that you can add to your desks, you can check out the FORSÅ work lamp, which features a classic style that will fit your workspace, bedroom, and living room. This one has an adjustable arm, so you can angle it just the way you like it when reading on your desks or by your bed. It comes in four colors: White, Nickel Plated, Brass Color, and Black.

Get it here.


LENNART Drawer Unit

LENNART Drawer Unit - Ikea

Those who are looking for an affordable and functional drawer for their files, school and office supplies, tools, and other home items can check out the LENNART. This simple and minimalist drawer also comes with casters on one side, making it easy for anyone to move it whenever in the room they want it to.

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Get it here.

MULIG Clothes Rack

MULIG Clothes Rack - Ikea

Are you the kind of person who’d rather hang their clothes on a rack instead of folding them in a closet? You might want to check out the MULIG clothes rack, which can be used to display your favorite wardrobe pieces. You can even hang an organizer on it if you want to have more space for your folded shirts, accessories, and other items.

Get it here.

SOCKERBIT Storage Box with Lid

SOCKERBIT Storage Box with Lid - Ikea

For those who live in small units and are having storage space issues, they can buy Ikea’s SOCKERBIT which is perfect for storing small items, toys, clothes, and even bulkier ones like comforters and bedsheets. It’s perfect to slip and store just under the bed or stacked on top of each other so you can keep your items clean and dust-free.

Get it here.

P290 (set of 6)

SKUBB Boxes - Ikea

A set of SKUBB boxes, on the other hand, is a good purchase for those who’ve been reorganizing their closets. A set includes 6 boxes in different sizes, so you can sort your items — from shirts and socks to lingerie and other accessories — in your drawer. These boxes come in two colors: white and dark gray.

Get it here.

SILVERTOPP Comforter and TRÄDKRASSULA Comforter Cover and Pillow Case
Starts at P250 and P500

Now that the colder days are ahead of us, it might be a great idea to buy a nice comforter that will give you the warmth that you want. Ikea’s SILVERTOPP is a light warm comforter that is made of recycled polyester and because it’s thinner than your usual duvet, it can still keep you cool and comfy when the days are warmer.

While you can pop this comforter in the washer regularly, it’s also recommended that you get a comforter cover like the TRÄDKRASSULA which is easier to wash and dry, and will protect your comforter from getting damaged. Like the SILVERTOPP, this is also made of recycled polyester and sustainably grown cotton, so you can contribute to using less raw materials!

Get the comforter here and the comforter cover here.

SKÅDIS Pegboard Combination

SKÅDIS Pegboard Combination - Ikea

Want to set up a board where you can easily reach out for your favorite tools and items? You might want to check out Ikea’s SKÅDIS pegboard, which comes in different sizes. You can hang this by your workspaces and make it your memo or dream board; by your door or closet, so you can hang your favorite outfits; or by your workshop, so it can carry your equipment and tools so you won’t misplace it again.

What’s great about this board is how it’s customizable, so you can buy add-ons like drawers, hooks, and clips depending on what you need. This pegboard comes in two colors: wood and white.

Get it here.



A nice and cozy addition to your bedroom is the TOFTLUND rug, which looks and feels like sheepskin but is actually made of recycled PET bottles. This rug is soft and warm and can be used either as a rug or as a drape for your armchair or bench to make them more comfortable to sit on. The TOFTLUND comes in two colors, white and gray.

Get it here.

BENGTA Blackout Curtain

BENGTA Blackout Curtain - Ikea

If you want to get good Zz’s and not be woken up by the sunlight streaming in, a blackout curtain like the BENGTA would be something you must check out ASAP! It’s wide enough to cover your windows and block out the light to improve your sleep quality. You can even cut it to fit your windows perfectly, all without having to sew as it doesn’t really shred.

Get it here.

SENAPSKÅL Greenhouse

SENAPSKÅL Greenhouse - Ikea

This pretty metal greenhouse is a perfect buy for plantitos and plantitas who are looking for a “home” where they can display their little plant babies in. Aside from being a nice little house for your succulents and cacti, it can also provide support for your herbs and become a spot for your crawling/climbing plants to grow.

Get it here.

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