Boredom Busters

Boredom Busters: 8 Items to Keep You Happily Busy at Home During Lockdown

Because it's a good idea to take some time offline every now and then!

We’re approaching another lockdown, and with this comes not just the boredom of being stuck yet again at home, but also the anxiety of what’s to come tomorrow. And whether you’re already running out of titles to stream online or are simply getting overwhelmed with what you’ve been seeing on social media lately, it might be a good idea to take some time offline and enjoy things that will ease your stress and cure your boredom.

Below, we’re listing down 8 items you can check out online if you’re looking for something new to do while safely staying in isolation:

DIY Bead and Jewelry Kit

DIY Bead and Jewelry Kit - Boredom Buster
DIY Bead Kit (P319-P388)

DIY bead accessories are in once again, especially with everyone getting into the y2k trend lately. If you’re one of those who wants to join the trend and create one for themselves and their friends (for when they meet again, of course), you can always get one of these kits online. A kit can include beads of different colors, as well as letter beads, nylon string, and a pair of tweezers to help you finish your accessories quicker and easier.

Get the kit here.

DIY Painting Kits

DIY Painting Kits
Tarapinta’s DIY Painting Kit (P769)

If you’ve always wanted to paint but don’t think they have the talent or the time to start things from scratch, you can always get a DIY Painting Kit instead, which has guide numbers that will tell you which colors go on a certain spot. A kit includes a canvas with a frame, 3 brushes, acrylic paints, a wooden easel, and guides to help you finish your art faster.


Tarapinta, in general, offers a wide variety of designs, but they get sold out pretty easily, so you might want to keep checking back on their official store to see when they restock their popular *aesthetic* pieces.

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Get the painting kit here.

Shrink Art

Shrink Art
Craft Easy’s Shrink Art Kit (P79.75)

For the parents who’ve been looking for an activity that will let them bond with their kids, there are Shrink Art kits that will let you make charms that you’d want to keep for yourself. All you need to do to make these is to color the plastic film the kit comes with, punch a hole to make it a keyring, and put it in an oven so it shrinks and hardens into a charm!

Get the painting kit here. See more DIY art kits by checking the shop here.

Paper Clay Art

Paper Clay Art
Klaypel Dreamer Kit (Dolphin) – Klaypel (P695)

Another good way to destress is to invest your time in doing paper clay art — a unique medium that uses colorful “paper clay” made from recycled paper which is then applied with two sticks to color inside the outlines. Klaypel is one of the popular stores selling these kits in various designs and sizes, and you can even have them customize a piece for you, especially if you’re one who’s planning to hang them on your walls or to gift them to someone you love.

Get Klaypel’s kit here.

Diamond Painting

Diamond Painting
Diamond Painting (P115-P119)

Another kind of craft hobby that’s been trending online recently is diamond painting, which basically involves people sticking resin “diamonds” on an adhesive canvas to form an image through the patterns or codes printed on it. A kit includes all the colors you will need for the pattern, a container for your diamonds, as well as a “pen” that will make sticking these diamonds quicker and easier.

Get the diamond painting kits here.

Writing Pads

Writing Pads
Aitu’s Magic Writing Board (P90)

Kids and kids at heart who love to draw can do so on one of these “magic” writing pads — a more high-tech version of the older generations’ “Magic Slate.” Through this, kids can now enjoy whenever and wherever, and you wouldn’t have to worry about all the paper waste they could leave in the process. Adults can even use this to write their notes and to-do lists, especially if they’re the kind to forget these things easily.

Get this writing pad here.

Board or Card Games

What Do You Meme?
What Do You Meme? ($29.99)

Now that it’s best for everyone to just stay safe at home, another good way to beat the boredom is by playing board or card games with the entire family. One of the fun games you’d definitely want to try is What Do You Meme? — which is something that anyone who loves memes will enjoy. Think of this game as something like Cards Against Humanity, but with meme photo cards instead! Whoever puts down the funniest combo will be crowned “Meme Queen/King.”

Get the card game here.

10 Must-Try Board Games For Your Next Game Night


Trese (P235)

No matter how many new e-book gadgets or apps are introduced to the market, you’ve got to admit that nothing really beats the experience of reading a physical book. And if you’re one who’s run out of books to read or just want to discover something new, you can always check out Fully Booked’s official website for a nice selection of books of all genres. The shop delivers nationwide through third-party delivery partners.

Visit the website here.

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