DōTERRA Philippines’ BOGO BOX of Ten Oils Slashes Over 50% on Its Price for a Day

Promo is available for today only, or until stocks last!

Hurry up! DōTERRA Philippines’ BOGO BOX is giving you a huge discount for a day! When you buy five oils today, you get five more oils for free, not at its retail value of P18,000, not at its cost of P14,850, but at its special package price of P8,750!

This package also gives you a free online wholesale account for long-term discounts, a free 5mL Wild Orange, and a beautiful DōTERRA wood box to house your oils!

For that quick hit, roll on these oils included in the BOGO BOX:

  • Adaptiv to relieve stress in every new and challenging situation 
  • InTune for quiet, calm and undivided focus whether at work or at study 
  • Past tense to release tension and tightness in your neck, shoulders and even that throbbing feeling in your head 
  • Cheer to find positivity and lightness in every situation 
  • Passion to find your fire and build your drive, enthusiasm, and confidence 

Change your environment, change your life by diffusing:

  • Purify to refresh the air of any odors and particles 
  • Melaleuca to cleanse your space and body to release negativity and allow new and vibrant energy to thrive 
  • Spearmint for confident speech and clarity of thought to help you in every online meeting and presentation
  • 4 drops Lavender and 2 drops Eucalyptus diffused for a good night’s rest and easy breathing 
  • Plus the FREE Wild Orange as the ultimate happy oil.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with @theEssentialQueen ASAP to reserve this promo with great savings and freebies that you’ll never see again! 


Promo is until today, July 24, only or until stocks last, whichever comes first.

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