Homegrown Brand Doggo Offers Top-Tier Products for Your Fur Babies

Doggo's quality dog products are available online on Shopee, Lazada, GrabMart, and Pet Express!

Pet owners are some of the most discerning markets out there — after all, who wouldn’t want the best products and treats for their fur babies? With our collective transition to staying at home over the past year, attention has turned to create a happy home life for our families, including our beloved pets. Locally-owned dog brand Doggo is built on this premise, having been launched right on the precipice of the pandemic, to great success. 

Paw-some Beginnings

Doggo is a dog brand that offers a full range of quality products from dog treats to accessories and grooming essentials for dog care, all curated and sourced from abroad. Established in 2019 as a digital-ready brand in an industry that heavily relied on physical selling, Doggo was born prepared to navigate the major economic adjustments that were to come, growing exponentially by selling on e-commerce platforms. The brand has since been in the Top 5 brands on e-commerce sites in the country and won the 2020 Winning Circle Award for Pet Supplies from Lazada

“It started out as a challenge,” says Doggo CEO Kurt Cheng. “We had access to reliable sources but outlets were limited. In a twist of fate, this obstacle turned into an opportunity when retailers were suddenly forced to go digital. Luckily for Doggo, we started our business this way, and this allowed us to grow our brand, product lineup, and market during an otherwise challenging time.” 

Must Love Doggos

Cheng’s love for animals started in his younger years. With seven dogs, fishes, and an entire aviary at home, he decided to channel his love for animals into a business that actually cares for them and promotes their happiness. “Doggo’s mission is to provide excellent quality dog products without making it too expensive for the local market. We want to elevate the quality of dog care for the B and C market. Think of Doggo as a curator of top-tier products for your pets,” says the 32-year-old businessman. 

Doggo CEO
Corgi with Doggo CEO Kurt Cheng

Currently, Doggo caters all dog needs, including tasty treats for dogs of all sizes and ages, accessories such as leashes, bowls and diners, pet toys, and grooming items such as shampoos, brushes, and combs. “At this time, we source all our products from abroad, however part of our expansion plan is to eventually have a Doggo food product line,” he shares. “We want to emerge from the pandemic as the most recognized dog brand, but the ultimate goal is to be No. 1 in the country and eventually carry our own range of products that can be distributed internationally and compete with global brands.” 


Today, Doggo prides itself in elevating the standards of Filipino pet owners who just want the best for the dogs. In providing high-quality products at affordable price points, the brand has become a trusted resource for discerning pet parents and fur babies. Doggo is under KP Aquatics Co., one of the biggest pet accessories distributors in the Philippines. 

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Doggo is available online on Shopee, Lazada, GrabMart, and Pet Express. Follow @doggo_ph on Instagram and @doggophilippines on Facebook for updates. 

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