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Let me share with you a secret, shopping for paper products/stationary items give me a certain kind of high. So imagine my delight when I first found out about Scribe Writing Essentials, a quaint and charming little store in Eastwood Mall that carries various reading and writing accessories that will make you want to start writing again – the old-fashioned way.

Scribe: get all your stylish writing essentials here.

With everyone practically typing away on their computers day in and day out not just for work but also to blog and send out letters, it seems as if a lot of people have already forgotten how extra special it is to receive a handwritten letter or note or how writing down your thoughts in a journal can prove to be very cathartic after a stressful day.

Thankfully, I share the same quirk with two enterprising women.

Having been fans of nice stationary and reading/writing novelties, Marian Ong together with her partner, Katherine Yu thought of locally distributing specialty reading and writing accessories to select high-end bookstores in the country back in 2002. Inspired by their frequent travels abroad, the two patterned their business after a well-known foreign specialty stationary store and thus, Scribe Writing Essentials was born. While it was a risky move on their part, Marian and Katherine’s bold business move proved to be a big hit even at the very start.

Check out this portion of the store for cute and practical items that you can use for work or school.

From manning bazaar booths to becoming distributors of specialty paper and writing products to popular bookstores in the country, Scribe was able to build a loyal customer base, inspiring the duo behind it to put up their own flagship store in Eastwood Mall in 2009. This way, Scribe customers will be able to shop for their favorite brands of paper products and stationary items in a more complete setting.

J. Herbin fountain pens and inks for some serious writing action.

For Twilight fanatics: bookmark your favorite Edward and Bella moments with these.

Some of the brands that Scribe carries are SWING Limited, Antioch, Eccolo, Quovadis, Lady Jayne, Kooky Klickers (all U.S. brands) and J. Herbin specialty inks and paper (from Paris) while all of their gift wrapping paper and materials are sourced and made in the US. Regarding their product lineup Marian shares, “Our core items are reading and writing products. We specialize in unique bookmarks, reading accessories, journals, calligraphy pens and personal seals.” Currently, the latest additions to Scribe are J. Herbin – perfect for fountain pen collectors and Lady Jayne – a cute selection of specialty gift items and stationeries; which have become quick favorites among their customers. “We try to come up with new brands and products to keep the selection exciting so when our customers come back, they always see something new in the store,” says Marian.

Cute wrapping paper to make your gifts look more special.

But when it comes to the store’s bestselling items Marian shares that their Scribe Journals and Personal Wax Seals are doing extremely well in spite of the abundance of imported brands in their product lineup. “Scribe Journals are one of our best sellers because of its’ simple look, good quality and affordability. It is also available in a variety of colors and formats making it a favorite among students and office professionals. Our Personal Wax Seals are also selling very well because we have a complete range of letters and designs with a variety of colors of sealing wax. It’s a perfect gift idea or personal use item.”

Here are some of my personal favorites at Scribe (which doubles as great gift ideas this Graduation season):

Antioch Signature Journals (P895 each)

Aren’t these cute? I especially love the French Jet Setter journal, I’m obviously not French but I love unique items inspired by it. Aside from World Traveler and French Jet Setter, other designs for the Antioch Signature Journals include: Little Black Dress, Tranquility, and Paisley. These make for a nice gift for your friends/classmates who are going abroad after graduation. It’s a nice way for them to document their fresh start.

Invitation House Notecards (P145 per pack)

I was circling the store for the nth time when I saw these by the gift wrap display. I have a penchant for quirky/cutesy designs. Each pack contains six folded note cards and envelopes to match. These are locally made by the way. A great “remembrance” gift for your favorite classmates – there are loads of designs to choose from so you can easily pick out a set the best suits their personality.

PostScript Designs Designer Handbag Notecards with Envelopes (P145 to P195 per box)

I love these! I’m no designer bag hag but these totally got me at Chanel 2.55, Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull, Chanel Calfskin Shopping Bag…and more. These make for the perfect gift for your stylish friend who’s planning to work his/her way up the fashion world after graduation.

Scribe Weekly Diary

Very affordable compared to foreign brands but still impeccably stylish and of good quality. Aside from the Weekly Diary, Scribe also has Ruled Notebooks that are available in various colors. For greenhorns starting out in the real world, these will help them better organize their schedule while looking very professional.

If you want something more unique, Scribe also offers Custom Order Personal Seals. According to Marian a lot of their customers also have these made as gifts to friends – they can get their initials used on the seals as well as special designs or symbols.

Offering not just your typical bookstore finds, Scribe definitely has something cute and functional in store for everyone. Through word of mouth, Scribe quickly became a favorite for people who appreciate unique items for everyday use.

Scribe Writing Essentials is located at Level 3, Eastwood Mall Libis. Mall hours is from 11:00am - 10:00pm (Sunday - Thursday) and 11:00am - 11:00pm (Fridays and Saturdays). You may contact them through 725-8926/0917-5269821 or e-mail them at

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